Kevin Kmetz doing two tsugaru-jamisen BABYMETAL covers

Here are two tsugaru-jamisen BABYMETAL covers by Kevin Kmetz.


Kevin Kmetz is the first foreigner to be recognized at Aomori’s National Tsugaru-jamisen Competion, one of the most intense competitions in the country, with a special judge’s award. As one of the three members of Monsters of Shamisen, Kevin is familiar with both rocking out and traditional Japanese music; the perfect man for this job.

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TIME Magazine talk about BABYMETAL!

Lily Rothman from Time Magazine has this pretty cool article about BABYMETAL titled Can J-Pop Band Babymetal Win Over Actual Metal Fans?.


Yes, the video above is for a heavy-metal song, with pop and dubstep inflections. Yes, the band performing that song comprises three teenage girls wearing matching cutesy-goth outfits and not playing any instruments. Yes, the song is actually about wanting to eat chocolate (and, apparently, worrying you’ll get fat from it). And yes, it’s real — and, more than that, it’s a bona fide hit. This video has 5.8 million YouTube views and the eponymous debut album from the band, Babymetal, which was released in February, is at No. 4 on iTunes’ Japanese rock chart and has recently cracked the Billboard 200.

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BABYMETAL article in a Dutch newspaper.

HELP! K3 mixed with loud metal! (*Note: K3 is a Belgian pop group)

They seem like innocent girls. They make very hard/loud metal music. Japan loves it.

Those who keep track of the fast rising and even faster disappearing into oblivion pop phenomenon on web channels as YouTube are used to a lot of things. Experts know that the weirdest pop mostly comes from Asia. From Japan (PonPonPon by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) or Korea (Gangnam Style by Psy).

Still, most of the experienced You tubers will shy away from Japans latest pop sensation. The act/band BABYMETAL brings two genres together which are almost each others total opposite on the music spectrum. BABYMETAL, as the name implies, makes toddler pop not unlike K3, combined with the most ferocious Metal style: Scorching with all forms of despise against humanity combined: “Death Metal”.


The three BABYMETAL girls look like they came straight from a manga comic. School uniforms, short skits on top of knee stockings. Of course ponytails and a cute bow tie are present as well. The big eyes – which are total manga aesthetics – spell innocence. And their artist names are cute as well: Su-Metal, Moametal and Yuimetal.

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BABYMETAL in the news part 7

Here are some news about BABYMETAL i collect in and around the web.


BABYMETAL is taking the world by storm right now and a lots of websites are talking about our kawaii metalers! The purpose of the section is to concentrated all the news in a single BABYMETAL place.

BABYMETAL name has just appeared on the Sonisphere Festival UK poster.

OC Weekly

During live performances, the singers, who are all between the ages of 14 and 17, dance around the stage in a mix of club dancing and slam dancing, which can set the crowd off in a frenzy of swinging, dancing head banging and fist pumping.

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Babymetal first europeans show confirm!

“I am so honored that we are confirmed to play Sonisphere Festival UK,” declares SU-METAL.


“There are so many different types of artists playing this festival but I hope to deliver a one and only, unique style metal – BABYMETAL – even to those who will see us for the very first time. This will be our very first time in the UK, which makes us nervous, yet excited just imagining what type of people will come and see us, what sort of show it will end up being, and whether the audience will enjoy our show. We’ll hopefully get to see Metallica-san’s performance again after witnessing them at Summer Sonic festival in Japan which we are very excited about.”

Japanese viral phenomenon BABYMETAL will make their debut appearance in the United Kingdom at Sonisphere this summer. Since uploading the video of their latest single ‘Gimme Chocolate’ less than two months ago it has received more than 5 million views. The music press was forced to stand up and take notice, with everyone from Kerrang! and Metal Hammer to the Guardian and USA Today covering the teenage trio’s catchy blend of iconic pop and heavy metal.

Thanks to those Sonisphere fans have been holding out for just such an announcement, with this Babymetal For Sonisphere UK 2014 Facebook page attracting more than 1,000 fans who as they say: “We want BABYMETAL for Sonisphere festival UK 2014 and we WANT IT NOW!


So get ready for the BABYMETAL set in the Bohemia tent on the Sunday. They promise an all-singing, all-dancing show the UK has never seen the like of before!



BABYMETAL at Chokotto Naito Nippon radio show

BABYMETAL were lastly at the radio program “Chokotto Naito Nippon” broadcast by Nippon Broadcasting System on 2014 Feb. 21st.

[Choko-Nai-Pon '14 Feb.17]
In short: BABYMETAL were tense when appearing on Music Station.
This is a copy of with an English subtitle.
This is a short radio program “Chokotto Naito Nippon” (= a bit of ‘All Night Nippon’) broadcast by Nippon Broadcasting System on 2014 Feb. 17th (#1 of 5).

I am sorry if I have mistaken the voices of SU-METAL, YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL. The strange male laughter you may hear is probably the voice of the assistant director beside Mr. NISHIKAWA.

Takanori NISHIKAWA (aka T.M.Revolution) is a Japanese rock/pop singer, and he has some radio programs.

This is probably exaggerated a bit, but the average age of radio listeners is getting older because most young people don’t start listening to the radio but the people who was young keep on listening. Mr. NISHIKAWA himself is 43 yr. as of 2014 Feb.
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