A look inside the Metal Resistance credits

With Metal Resistance a few days away, Babymetalheads everywhere are impatiently waiting for the full album to be released. Here are some of the people Behind BABYMETAL and their 2nd album Metal Resistance.


While there is not much presence from Kami Band on the new album, we do know that LEDA has recorded some tracks for the album. LEDA is no longer on the tour roster while he is focusing on his band Far East Dizain, so it is great he still had involvement on the studio recordings. LEDA has been in the studio recording bass for Road of Resistance, and guitar and bass on Amore and No Rain No Rainbow. He also has arrangement credits on No Rain No Rainbow.


YUYOYUPPE/YUPPEMETALA look inside the Metal Resistance credits

Yuyoyuppe has been producing music since September 2008, mostly known for Vocaloid artists like Hatsune Miku, and has earned the title of “Legendary Luka Master” for his work using Megurine Luka. He also goes by other names including DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING which he uses for Techno/Pop styled tracks, including a few BABYMETAL remixes. Yuyoyuppe was the composer behind Akumu no Rondo and has producer credits on Ijime Dame Zettai and BABYMETAL DEATH. On Metal Resistance he has got his hands on many tracks like KARATE and GJ!, as well as handled arrangements on other tracks such as Sis. Anger and YAVA!.


TAKESHI UEDAA look inside the Metal Resistance credits

Takeshi Ueda is a masterful bassist, programmer and songwriter most recently known for the band AA (All Animals are Equal). He made his name for his unique bass style playing for The Mad Capsule Markets, where he mastered guitar and synthesizer as well as became a primary songwriter. He has had plenty of experience melding rock and electronics, though his sound is more ‘punk rock’, it works well with Gimme Chocolate!! upbeat style overloaded with synthesizer. For Metal Resistance he is responsible for creating the electrifying bubblegum metal that is Awadama Fever.


MISH-MOSHA look inside the Metal Resistance credits

Mish-Mosh is a duo of music creators, Noriaki Miyasaka (music, lyric, guitar), and Sari Shigemura (music, lyric, keyboard). They have composed the 3rd ending song of tv anime “Valvrave the Liberator“, and music composition of the movie soundtrack, “Rakuen Tsuihou – Expelled from Paradise“. Mish-Mosh was the creative force behind the music of BABYMETAL‘s 2nd single, when early fans where wondering if the gimmick could last, they created probably the best example of kawaii metal music to date, iine. For BABYMETAL‘s follow up album Mish-Mosh has more involvement, they are credited with composing and arrangement of Tales of the Destinies, and The One. They also handled the arrangement for Road of Resistance.


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