BABYMETAL album review part 3

As you all ready know, the first BABYMETAL is in store since feb. 26 2014 and it will be reviews by many magazine and website in the coming days/week.

So, here at we search the BABYMETAL album review for you and share the link for your pleasure and make your life much easy.

so, here it is, our list of BABYMETAL album review links part 2. Don’t forget to read the comment on each sites, most of them are pretty hilarious.

The Glorio Blog
Review: “Babymetal” – Babymetal

9Gag (this one will give them a massive visibility)
Japan Fused Pop Idols With Metal, And It’s Perfect In Every Way

The Zingularity
Baby metal explodes on the world stage

The Worst Metal Band Ever? Get Ready for BabyMetal

Teeth of the Divine
Babymetal – Babymetal

BABYMETAL live at Tokyo Nippon Budokan : first images
BABYMETAL album review links part 2