BABYMETAL Apocrypha I & II live report

Here is a good Apocrypha I & II live review from shouta-neko on BABYMETAl on Reddit.


Though it is a little late, I would like to report the live “Apocrypha I” and “Apocrypha II” on June 23 and 24, 2014. It will be a little long, but I hope that you will realize the atmosphere of the latest live concert.

Apocrypha I & II were announced only a month before the live, so fans in Japan did not expect it. The world tour trailer showed that Babymetal flown abroad by spaceship at the finale of the Budokan performance, so some fans thought that the live concert in Japan before the tour was not so cool. However, Amuse did not call Apocrypha “live” or a “concert” but dared to call it an “event,” and only members of Babymetal Apocalypse Web were allowed to take part in it. So, many fans expected that it would not be a full-set performance as in Budokan. They expected that it would have a meaning as adjustment before the tour for members who had not been on a stage since March 2014.

The live venue Tsutaya O-East can contain 1,300 persons, which is only 1/7 of the persons that Budokan can contain. To enter, Amuse made us need to prepare a cell phone, log in Babymetal Apocalypse Web and display a screen named “Shokanjo” (Summons) to avoid resale strictly. However, many fans wanted the two-day tickets and they were traded at prices more than 300 dollars on auction sites. Such buyers seem to have temporarily borrowed the ID and the password from their sellers and have succeeded in entering.


On both two days of the live concert, at the beginning, a video was shown in the screen in the hall for about twenty minutes. It was a connected edition of the video of the three member’s birthday concerts last year and the Budokan concerts. Many scenes made public first as video such as Yui’s “Chokotto Love -Big Times Changes ver.-”, Moa’s “Love Machine -From Hell with Love ver. -” and Su singing in front of the piano that the two members play in “Legend 1999″(6/30/2013), and Ballad version of “Akatsuki” at “Legend 1997″(12/21/2013). So the audience was glued to the screen. The video of Budokan partially overlaps the world tour trailer, but “Megitsune”, “Rondo of Nightmare”, and “Song 4” were edited quite longer than the trailer. After the video, the curtain opened during the introduction of “Babymetal Death” and the three and the band members appear. On this day, the band consisted of Leda (g), Mikio Fujioka (g), BOH (b) and Hideki Aoyama (ds). The manipulator of recorded sounds of a synthesizer was Hidefumi Usami as usual. With the dignified members, the hall was filled with headbanging. Then they switched to two early numbers “Iine!” and “Uki Uki★Midnight”. Though the pitch of Su’s voice had been a little unstable first in the first day of Budokan, she was in the best condition on this day and Yui and Moa danced excellently. Though in Budokan, showy direction with laser flying around had been made for both two pieces, lighting was also simple on this day “for a live music club.”

Next, after the band members played solos successively, from a complicated introduction of irregular meters, they stormed into “Rondo of Nightmare”. Su sang this difficult piece in a relaxing voice expressively and dominated the atmosphere there. In “Song 4”, Yui and Moa softened the atmosphere by coquettish choreography and songs. Then, in “Megitsune” and “Ijime Dame Zettai”, the hall livened up together and the main program ended with “We are!” “Babymetal!!” call and response and members’ “See You!”. They received the applause of the whole house and they sang “Head Bangya!!” and successively “Gimme Chocolate!!” as encores. Su made call and response to let the audience sing some phrases before ended up with “We are!” “Babymetal!!” and “See You!”. About an hour passed on the stage then. After the three left, a video was projected on the screen to announce that an birthday event of YuiMoa called “Apocrypha Y” and “Apocrypha M” would be held on July 21, 2014.
On the second day, Yuya Maeda took over playing the drums of the band. After the same video as on the first day was shown for twenty minutes, the stage began from “Babymetal Death” again. The ending “I.D.Z.” and the two encores are the same as in the first day, but the intermediate pieces changed into “Doki Doki☆Morning”, “Megitsune”, band solo, “Akatsuki”, “Onedari Daisakusen” and “Catch Me If You Can”. On this day, too, all three members were in the best condition. In particular, Su exhibited overwhelming singing of “Akatsuki” instead of “Rondo of Nightmare” on the first day. Yui and Moa also sang “Onedari Daisakusen” as well as “Song 4” on the first day properly, not lip-synch, and their cute dance attracted the audience. On this day, too, the stage was for about an hour and finally the announcement of the event as in the first day was made on the screen.

On both two days, except the band solos, they played only nine pieces. So the stage was shorter than the Budokan concerts, where they played thirteen and fifteen pieces. However, they played most their repertoire of songs for two days and showed perfect performance in all pieces. A guitarist Fujioka, who would join the European tour, made me hear the technical play as well as Takayoshi Ohmura. So I felt that the whole band smoothly accomplished their work. Though, unlike usual concerts, direction such as video and lighting was little, they proved that they could attract the audience by singing and dancing enough. If the stage was adjustment for the tour, the persons concerned must have been relieved to find the completeness. Everybody who lives where they come in the tour, I think that they will surely show a good performance. Don’t miss this opportunity and come to their live concert and mosh!

Apocrypha I (6/23/2014) set list 1.Babymetal Death 2.Iine! 3.Uki Uki★Midnight (Band solo) 4.Rondo of Nightmare 5.Song 4 6.Megitsune 7.Ijime Dame Zettai Encore: 8.Head Bangya!! 9.Gimme Chocolate!!

Apocrypha II (6/24/2014) set list 1.Babymetal Death 2.Doki Doki☆Morning 3.Megitsune (Band solo) 4.Akatsuki 5.Onedari Daisakusen 6.Catch me if you can 7.Ijime Dame Zettai Encore: 8.Head Bangya!! 9.Gimme Chocolate!!

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