Babymetal At FortaRock Review By (TRANSLATION)


While the legendary Megadeth was far from over on the main stage, the tent was already bulging before the start of the Babymetal show. It was worth the money for the fans who bought their ticket especially for the Japanese formation. While on both Babymetal albums the Japanese girls’ vocals and electronic influences sometimes seem to dominate too much, live the music is rock solid. The fine musicians of the backing band (the Kami Band) get all space to display their talents and give a strong piece of modern metal. Once you get used to her voice, it seems that lead vocalist Su-metal is a fine singer. 


Babymetal At FortaRock Review By (TRANSLATION)


The visual aspect and the interaction with the audience did finish the whole show. The three young ladies perform nice little plays and good choreographed dances and prove that they can deliver. The thrilled response of almost all attendees in the tent (and far outside) shows that Babymetal should be on the main stage next time.


Babymetal At FortaRock Review By (TRANSLATION)



Translation: Jaap Piening

Photos: Cate Christina

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