BABYMETAL : The Cant of Words Part 2 (From the BAW booklet 1)

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The Cant of Words (Page 2)

 Gyakudai, Sakudai, Korodai

This is a dive term that makes its appearance in the middle of “Hedobangya!!”. Bending at the elbow with one arm, and then at the determined point in time in the song and while making a fist with the hand of this arm the fan makes his or her body fall forward from the chest in unison with the other fans. This is known as “Gyakudai”. Placing one’s body so it rides on a barrier or partition in the concert hall, the fan then does a “Gyakudai”. This is known as “Sakudai”. Being lifted up by the surrounding fans and then rolling on top of them toward the stage is what is called, “Korodai”. It is an ironclad rule of manners that when doing the “Korodai” one first removes their shoes, and since many concert halls prohibit such dive actions, one must honor these rules of manners and have fun in the concert without causing injuries to oneself nor others. Not doing so is “Dame, Zettai”.


 Kurenai no Kishi
 The Crimson Knight

In order to return the Metal souls of Yuimetal and Moametal who have fallen into the dark side by transforming into Black Babymetal, Su-metal transforms herself into the Crimson Knight by engulfing herself in Dark Crimson flames. At many performances Su-metal saves the 2 girls by singing “Akatsuki”.


Kobametal is the producer of Babymetal and the successor of the records of Apocalypse of Kitsune-sama. The divine instructions of Kitsune-sama are passed on to the members through Kobametal. In other words, he performs the function of what could be called a psychic medium.

(さ) (Sa) Line

 Sakura Gakuin/Jyuuonbu

Sakura Gakuin is the venue in which the 3 girls carry out their activities of “Metal Resistance in the Idol world in their guises of stealth. “Juonbu” (Heavy sound club) was established so these club activities could be carried out in a manner differing from “Keionbu” (Light sound club). When Juonbu was first established there were incessant complaints from the other clubs about the explosive sounds coming from their performances, and so when Su-metal graduated from Sakura Gakuin in March of 2013, Juonbu was abolished and Babymetal went on to carry out its activities independent from the school.

 (See you!!)

Basically speaking in theses live performances carried out without MC, the only words coming from the stage are this phrase “See you!!” said at the end of each show. The closing greetings the girls use when transmitting messages through the media is also this phrase of, “See you!!”.


This is a very important role that has been issued by Kitsune-sama to Yuimetal and Moametal. For Babymetal, the scream is an amazing and unexpected “Ai no Te” (an interjected chant) performed in instrumental sections of songs. At times they are also in charge of the Death Voice parts.

(た) (Ta) Line

 Dame! Jyanpu
 Not good! Jump

In chorus section of “Ijime, Dame, Zettai”, when Su-metal vocalizes “Ijime!”, in unison Yuimetal and Moametal scream out, “Dame!” while at the same time cross their arms about the height of their faces in the Fox sign and jump up performing one of Babymetal’s ceremonial movements.


The members of Babymetal often say “Death!!” at the end of conversations. Doing so they bite their tongue, not so so hard as to cause pain, in order to properly make the “TH” sound.

 Death voice

A wide variety of both high pitched sounds and low pitched Death voices such as “Gya-!!” and “??” make their appearance in Babymetal songs and are utilized as a form of interjected chant signalling the fans to raise their voices. Some parts are handled by Yuimetal and Moametal. These Death voices were introduced into early songs such as, “Doki Doki Morning” and “iine” and are pioneering developments that were the first Death Voices to be utilized in a full fledged manner in the Idol world.

 Dogeza Hedoban
 Hedoban done from a kneeling position

This appears in the middle of the song, “Hedobangya-!!”. This is a form of Hedobanging where one kneels on the ground and bows in manner that one’s head rubs on the ground. It also appears to be a ritual for summoning the Hedoban kami. This is also a symbolic Hedoban ceremonial homage to Headbanging carried on throughout the Visual band world.

 The front and center seat

This is term about seating that appears in the middle of “Hedobangya-!!”. This means the very center, or in other words, the center seat of the front row. This is a term that is used often in the Visual band world.

 (な) (Na) Line

 Nanba-wan jyanakute onri-wan
 Not number one, but rather, the only one

This is one of the missions assigned to Babymetal by Kitsune-sama. Based on the concept of “Fusing together Idol with Heavy Metal”, Babymetal is to carry out the Metal resistance as a presence in the world of both Idol and Heavy Metal that is completely unique and without peer.

(は) (Ha) Line

 Fuokkusu sain
 The Fox sign

When the members of Babymetal were being taught the Maloik sign which is a symbolic and ritualistic sign in the world of Heavy Metal, the girls mistook it for a shadow picture hand formation of the Fox. This is what led to the creation of the Kitsune sign, or Babymetal’s style of the Maloik sign. The shape of Kitsune-sama can be envisioned by the form of the fingertips.

 Burakku Bebi-metaru
 Black Babymetal

This is the unit name of Yuimeta and Moametal when they transform in their incursions into the entertainment world of various conspiracies of the gigantic and powerful “Idol”. When they go through their transformation, they say, “This isn’t Metal, is it?” as they begin to disrespect Metal for violating the true meaning of Metal. When Yuimetal and Moametal transform into Black Babymetal in “Onedari Daisakusen” they chant the sounds of “Yo! Yo!”.

Sakura Gakuin on Hot Wave february 2014
BABYMETAL / Sakura Gakuin future concert and media appearances

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