Is BABYMETAL a case of «Suspension of disbelief»?

I mean the time of a concert and a video we all use Suspension of disbelief as we all know that Su don’t really scream her heart out in the song «Iine», we know that Yui and Moa don’t really scream or growl, even if they mime it in concert, and we all know that they use lip sync sometime to do their dance move.

So, as when we watching a sci-fi move, a pro-wresting match, a theater comedy, we let BABYMETAL do their stuff as we enter their world, even if we know that some stuff are just lip sync or part of the babymetal «gimmick» like fox god, fox sign, metal resistance etc.. like a movie, the time of a concert or a dvd we suspend our judgement concerning the implausibility of the whole BABYMETAL world gimmick and we voluntarily disconnect from the real world and let us embark in a very kawaii metallic journey. I mean, this is a brand new way to do thing in the heavy metal world!! maybe kiss or alice cooper have done that in the past but not as strong and deep as BABYMETAL is doing it today.

In the 70’s Kiss and others were iconic, but they did not have the technology to spread their music and images around the entire earth, they did not have internet, social network etc.. all this technology built a strong community that connect all fans together to make some sort of very deep and immersive thing that i ever experiment before.. and im not sure i’m gonna live the same thing with another band in my life. Maybe we are «The One» who know 🙂

What is your thought about this?

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  • np with me if the grils mime some growl part…I think it will be awesome if the growl or scream metal sing live by Boh or any members from the Kami band.!

  • The only actual things I see lip synced now aside from the screams would be the reggae yon yon part on 4 no uta, Su’s vocal affect part ( quiet part ) in Rondo… ( very noticeable on the live album, You hear her take a breath to sing for real while the synced part is still fading), the “pa pa pa pa” part of Headbanger, and a few parts in Onedari DaiSakusen. There might be another I’m forgetting. But It isn’t bad, I don’t mind it, it’s very little compared to the actual singing going on.
    Nothing wrong with a gimmick that works. KISS and Alice Cooper as mentioned, Angus Young is nearly 60 and still wears the school boy outfit. That stuff is iconic. Babymetal’s various outfits all have the skirt in common, that’s iconic for them now I think. As for a gimmick, not many bands have three front girls/women, none that I know of actually. If Su started to speak more between songs and such she’d be considered a front for the band, but as of now they have three people who front the band. It’s one of the many interesting things about the groups as a whole.
    They do have the advantage now as mentioned with technology, you can see what they did the minute it happens in some cases. Bands like KISS got exposure by touring their butts off. KISS was so well known for their live show the album that hit big for them was their first live album, they had three mediocre selling studio albums before that. It’s a new world.

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