BABYMETAL and Chthonic doing the news in Taiwan

Babymetal and Chthonic were featured in a news report in Taiwan, talking about their upcoming live.

Here’s the translation of what they were saying:

News report:

Formed by 3 Japanese teenage girls, heavy metal group Babymetal is going to perform with Chthonic in Taiwan on 2nd February.

Singing with heavy metal but filled with cuteness, Babymetal has been a popular heavy metal group in Japan for 3 years. They will perform in Taiwan for the first time on 2nd February, they have invited famous Taiwan heavy metal band – Chthonic to be their guest performer. Chthonic usually plays brutally dark music, what kind of surprise will they create when they perform with Japan heavy metal girls group? People anticipate it. This makes their fans anticipated.

Freddy(Chthonic): “ Our beloved Babymetal is coming to Taiwan and going to perform with us. We have prepared some special performance and… because of Babymetal, other jobs in February aren’t important.”

It will be lunar new year when Babymetal visits Taiwan. Chthonic’s member has given red pockets and pineapple shortcake, and it has arisen heated discussion among people.

BABYMETAL will appear at Music Station TV show in Japan