BABYMETAL FACTS: BABYMETAL pays a lot of tribute to X Japan


   Did you know that BABYMETAL pays a lot of tribute to X Japan in their performances and songs?

KOBAMETAL (Key Kobayashi), who acts as BABYMETAL’s general producer, is a huge fan of X JAPAN. And, since KOBAMETAL is in charge of everything BABYMETAL does, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that you can see a number of references to the band in their music and performances.

Just to name a few, here’s the examples:

  • No Rain No Rainbow is a direct tribute to one of X Japan’s ballad, Endless Rain, something which KOBAMETAL confirmed. X Japan Fans also noticed the similarities between the 2 songs.

No Rain No Rainbow

Endless Rain


  • The Neck brace and banging of gong in the song and performance of Headbanger is a tribute to the legendary drummer and leader of X Japan, Yoshiki, who is known to play the drums till he collapses. Yoshiki hits the gong at every X Japan concert. One of the most iconic scene was of him hitting the gong before collapsing due to over fatigue and dedication to his drumming. So, it is also accepted that BM’s collapsing scenes are also a direct tribute to Yoshiki.


  • Narration & The Opening Echo “Babymetal, metal metal metal …” is a direct tribute to X Japan, which does the same thing ( X Japan, Japan Japan Japan …)


BABYMETAL Narration and opening echo (at the beginning)

X JAPAN (3:34 – 6: 15)


  • Akatsuki is a tribute to X Japan’s Kurenai. In fact, they share the same Kanji in the title (Kurenai is “紅” while Akatsuki is “紅月”). Also, Sumetal shouting AKATSUKI DA! is a direct tribute to X Japan’s vocalist, Toshi shouting KURENAI DA! at their concert.

Akatsuki (AKATSUKI DA! at 0:50)

Kurenai (Kurenai Da! at 1:42)


  • The IDZ JUMPS on the “Ijime Dame” & “kitsune tobe” parts of the chorus, where BABYMETAL makes two fox signs with their hands in the shape of an ‘X’ and jumps, is taken from the chorus part of X Japan’s performance of their song “X”. Also, the “We are… BABYMETAL!” chants at the end of their gig, are also a tribute to that song (which also does the same thing).

Ijime Dame Zettai

X Jump (from 7:30) and We are “X” (from 8:25 – 9:20)




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