BABYMETAL featured on Nakai’s Momm (Museum of modern music)

Broadcast on 2017 May 8

Nakai’s Momm (Museum of modern music)



The host of the show is Nakai Masahiro who is extremely famous in Japan as a member of SMAP which disbanded last year. He is well know as baseball fanatic and is highly regarded as a skilled MC of quiz/talk shows and the like. He is also known for his utter lack in singing skills. 



Sawabe Yuu is a comedian who was (is?) 1/2 of the comedy duo ‘Haraichi’ and is sought after for his skills in Aizuchi and keeping the flow of talk shows running smoothly with his friendly, self deprecating manner. You may know him as the co-host of the ‘Keyakizaka tte kakenai?’.



Watanabe Mayu (Mayuyu) is an extremely famous member of AKB48 as well as for acting appearances in TV dramas. She is also apparently a big fan of BABYMETAL. 



Yokosawa Natsuko is a comedian and member of Yoshimoto Kougyou.