BABYMETAL friends, it’s time to work together and get Pellek to sing Akatsuki

My dear friends and kawaii metaller around the world it’s time to work together to achieve a common goal!!

it’s time to test BABYMETAL fandom impact in real life! Right now, their is a very talentful power metal singer on Youtube who is taking special request and who is singing songs request by fans on Youtube twitter and facebook and i can wait to see him singing a BM song!

Did i tell you that Pellek is completely crazy, proof here as he covering Nightwish!

I think Akatsuki would be the best request ever ! So it’s time to put our force together and massively ask this song to Pellek. I chose to push Akatsuki because its a single vocal song (only su) and song such as may be megitsune or heandbanger would maybe be too complicated to cover.

Are you a Game of Thrones fans? So here is THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE

You can join him and send comment everywhere on his social network and ask for Akatsuki by BABYMETAL.

So what are you waiting guys? go and ask Akatsuki everywhere 🙂

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After listening some of his cover, can you imagine this guy covering one of our kawaii soldiers song!

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