BABYMETAL Fun fact : Onedari Daisakusen

Onedari ” is a polite form of the noun ” nedaru ” ( begging ) . Daisakusen : translated as strategy / Close-up ( dai : Big sakusen : plan) Onedari Daisakusen : Strategy to beg .

The song was performed live for the first time in the show held at Shibuya O- EAST in October 2012 ; Some songs have different prologues Babymetal according to the theme of the show!
I particularly see the prologues as a continuation . In BABYMETAL legend I see Yui and Moa midnight in Akihabara , and end up being attracted “by the World Idol” , which is summarizing the style POP. No case is as discussing religion , good / evil , something more like the words of the Bible in Genesis where Adam and Eve were corrupted while eating “forbidden” apple . Yui and Moa Eat “Chocolate of knowledge” , and say “This is not metal, it …” ( If corrupted , betrayed the “metal” ) . And now proclaiming himself “BLACK BABYMETAL” they are preparing for “Odedari Daisakusen” .


From there , let the lyrics, which shows that they are not simply “little girls” but they took advantage of that “charm” to attack! Should they flatter her father to get everything they want , using such devices as : Making massage , saying he is the “type” of them . “Because I ‘m a girl , I love shiny things , I love cute things , I love nice things” advertising everything they love , it’s time : katten , katten , katten … … shoudai , shoudai , shoudai ( Buy, buy … of the Month – , – of the Month ) . Thus showing their “true faces” . Justifying the name “BLACK BABYMETAL” .

The music has a good arrangement and can give the impression of really fluffy girls, while self-serving, and not feel any remorse in doing so, showing one of the “powers that women have over men.”

“Tenshi no kao shita akuma in sasayaki” Face of an angel, demon tail .

Note: Remember that this is my opinion about the music , it may not reflect the opinion of the other ‘s adm .
Note ² : line of reasoning used , was taken with the help of the translation of ” Du enki ” Blog : BABYMETAL TRANSLATIONS UNOFFICIAL

Source: Ian Lucena from Babymetal Brazil

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