BABYMETAL – Head Bangya!! (Members’ commentary English sub.)

This is the music video with the voices and the English subtitles of Members’ commentary. This clip is included in the first-press limited edition of BABYMETAL’s first album.

I am sorry if I have mistaken the voices of SU-METAL, YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL. And I’m sorry for guessing or omitting the words I can’t hear in the overlapping parts. The words in upper case are Japanese (mostly the lyrics). About the Japanese chiming-in interjections (= aizuchi) they use, please see [this page].

Sailor blouse and pleated skirt was typical school uniform for Japanese girls from about 1920 to the end of 20th century.

If a long-haired person turn her/his head wildly, she/he looks like an “electric fan” as shown in 2’30”-2’34”.

I’m not sure but I guess they probably mention that the neck brace looks as if floating in the air.

The form of “*** no kami”(= the god of ***) is often used for a living person, but it means merely “the super master of ***”.

They turned their heads symmetrically in this part of “Legend I” concert (2012 Oct. 6th).

“Sock Touch” ™ is the special glue to keep (under-knee) socks from sagging down.

The “Corset Festival” is held on 2012 Jul. 21st. It was the premium concert for those who bought the limited edition of “Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!” with a neck brace. The audience are required to wear the neck brace.

here is a nice Reddit question!

“Head Bangya!!” or “Headbanger!!” or “Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!”?

It is “Head Bangya!!” … they switched the title a while ago.
FYI, the lyrics of the song is closely tied with “Bangya” (sort of a shorthand for “Band Gal”) a Japanese word for female metalheads (adoring male metal bands, particularly “Visual Kei” bands, the most famous example being X-Japan). For example, “Kolo-dai” “Gyaku-dai” in the lyrics, are both slangs widely associated with bangyas.
So maybe KOBAMETAL wanted to put an (admittedly subtle, and to Western audiences certainly cryptic) emphasis on the fact that this is not only a song about “head banging” but also an homage to the “bangya” phenomenon. In other words, this is a word play, a title with a double meaning.

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