BABYMETAL is #92 on Metal Hammer’s “Greatest Albums Of The 21st Century”

BABYMETAL's debut album was listed #92 on Metal Hammer's "Greatest Albums Of The 21st Century" of the new issue 286 featuring former drummer of Slipknot Joey Jordison in the cover. Check what Metal Hammer says about BABYMETAL's album below! 


BABYMETAL debut album #92 of "Greatest Albums Of The 21st Century"

BABYMETAL was featured in the new Metal Hammer Magazine issue featuring Joey Jordinson of Slipknot in the cover. BABYMETAL's debut album was listed #92 of "Greatest Albums Of The 21st Century" including a description of the album and a photo of Su-Metal holding a Kitsune mask. 


BABYMETAL (2014) -"Offering extreme metal riffs countered by cutsey vocals from teenage stars-in-waiting- Su-Metal, Moametal and Yuimetal, no one had ever seen or heard a band quite like BABYMETAL. Their debut catapulted them to Sonisphere's Main Stage, and Wembley Arena thereafter. Metal hasn't been the same since" 


What we said: "BABYMETAL is a celebration of something giddy and heedless that resonates with metal's wilder impulses." 


For more details check the photos of the issue below! 



Magazine Photo by: The Thrawn

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