Kadowaka Research Laboratories released a lists of most popular 20 Male artists and 20 Female artists on Twitter in Japan. BABYMETAL is Top20 in the Female section over artists like Morning Musume, find more details below. 


BABYMETAL is #14 Most Popular Female Artist on Twitter in Japan

Kadokawa Research Laboratories announced their final details of the most popular Japanese Male and Female artists on Twitter in Japan in 2016. In the males section the leader is "SMAP" with 11.570.903 tweets related with them. 


In the other section, the Top20 Most Popular Female Artists on Twitter in Japan BABYMETAL the 14th position with 759.410 tweets related with them in 2016. The Top20 is lead by Himeka Nakamoto's group "Nogizaka46" with 4.475.731 tweets related with them in 2016. In 7th place finished Perfume with over 1.000.000 tweets while BABYMETAL finished above the popular groups like Morning Musume and Dempagumi Inc.  



Top20 Most Popular Female Artists on Twitter in Japan

01-Nogizaka46 - 4.475.731 Tweets

02-AKB48 3.814.484 tweets

03-μ's 2.333.452 tweets

04-Keyakizaka 46 1.699.866 tweets

05-Momoiro Clover Z 1.575.199 tweets

06-SKE48 1.532.209 tweets

07-Flower 1.067.330 tweets

08-Perfume 1.049.388 tweets

09-NMB48 1.007.925 tweets

10-HKT48 99.003 tweets

11-Aqours 911.621 tweets

12-Happiness 869.506 tweets

13-TWICE 783.869 tweets

14-BABYMETAL 759.410 tweets

15-Morning Musume 660.756 tweets

16-Little Glee Monster 593.332 tweets

17-Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku 573.022 tweets

18-Dempagumi Inc. 537.992 tweets

19-NGT48 432.100 tweets

20-Kamen Joshi  398.902 tweets




Information by: Kadokawa Research Laboratories

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