BABYMETAL made headline on Yahoo News

Here is a translation from a news that have done Yahoo News Headline, thank to SaraMetal on Reddit for the translation.

BABYMETAL why popular abroad? Evaluation as a metal unit that was born from cute culture

Here is the completed translation;

An article by Kenji Hirayoshi in Yahoo news. Apology for my clumsy translation. Perhaps, someone new is reading, so I translated all including you must already know well.
Translation: There is an idol group which was expected to entry 65th NHK Kohaku(most famous music festival in Japan which on air on at the end of every year). Before entry list is shown publicly, there was a news that BM documentary TV program will be on NHK (Japanese public broad cast company which is the best to make such TV program), therefore, fans expectation just kept increasing. However, BM was not on the list…

(As you know) BM which is a bizzare style of fusion of idol and Metal got quite popular in the world. Although BM is getting popular in Japan, but it only happened recently (I myself realized them last July from oversea news source, not from Japan). It is likely that the opening act with Gaga triggered the recent estimation. It seems like all sudden, and neverthless BM is not known publicly except fans who have known and followed BM since Sakura-Gakuin.

Why are they accepted by worldwide fans? One factor is that propagation of Japanese Kawaii and pop-culture in EU and other area. Their have high estimation as a Metal unit born from Kawaii culture although they are seen as idol group in Japan.

Trigger was Youtube: Let me look back their activities here. BM was united as a female idol group which is offshoot of Sakura Gakuin in 2010. Their theme was a fusion of Idol and Metal, and the purpose was conquer the world. As you know, the trigger of their sky rocketing popularity was Youtube.


Their independent debut track “Doki Doki Morning” in 2011 was on Youtube, then it became a news. Then, “Gimichoco” got explosive popularity in Feb. 2014, at Nov. 28th, download number is over 18 millions, and its comment is over 33,000. Most of the comment from worldwide users comments, and they applauded BM novel performance. It is not only ordinary users, but also by many famous artists loved the video, and they propagated “Japanese Kawaii artist is in Metal now!”. Of course, the Youtube led BM to Lady Gaga opening act. BTW, Doki Doki Morning also got 2.2 millions download with comment over 4200. The full version which was available later also got 4.6 million play with 5490 comments.

It did not take a year to break into stardom: In 2012, they joined as the youngest artist ever to the most famous summer festival “SUMMER SONIC 2012”. Then after concentrated to live activities in Japan. The first oversea live was “Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2012”. Then, next year in January, they major debut from Toys Factory. The first live by their own was Dec. 2013 in Singapore. It was only a year ago. Then, they declared the oversea tour(Samurai`s training) in the first Budo-kan concert in March 2013.

After, accelerated worldwide activity. Last July, started world tour, then Sonisphere Festival UK. Then they won “HEAVY METAL WORLD CUP”, and HEAVY MONTREAL. Then, their first album become as you know, No.1 as World Albums. As all of above, the trigger was the debut song in 2011, but explosive break into stardom waslast Feb., then worldwide live was started from July this year. Of course, Youtube popularity was solid, but live is a different story. But, after all lives were almost sold out, and it is only damn one year, and it is exceptional such rapid extension.
Metal expression gets rid of prejudice against idol Once a group is categorized as an idol, you may have some bias. Such unconscious prejudice automatically trap you. I myself is one of them, and I must admit that I watched BM with some unfair prejudice, “this is an idol group, anyway”.

However, even with such bias, the girls impression was a little different. Young girls lively action, direct touchy songs whch does not give you time to think, and above all, overwhelming energy, Feeling sparkling, bless of life….(Comment:if you saw their lives, you know that. They are the best music act to me)

This one may be the something makes person an idol. But, I was then puzzled with their performance、and feel doubt and discomfort in good sense because of again the bias of idol? Lovely, but hard pop dance with fierce metal riffs. Imagine powerful music which is output by performance one step short of fainting. Their play deserved to respect, Metal music expression, live staging, and so on. BABYMETAL back players is flawless.


Is this a challenge against Metal,or respect?: Conventional notion of metal, that is in the world view and history which has been accumulated by metal musicians including Ozzy” Osbourne in 70s. It can not be depicted by words, but daring to choose words to explain (Metal), rebellion, style, dark world, Thanatos, and Metal can be described a music to express such words.
Transform noise into guitar sound, revolutionize Middle Age scale to melody, Destructive track and thoroughly calculated bass line, non conventional drum play with two bass drums with hidden unique expression, high tone shout and death voice. No room for doubt, Metal has a stylized clear model with the all factors above.
Babymetal’s achievement is combining of Metal with lovely ladies who are far mismatch, such far fetch is already the greatest triumph and the challenge against what Metal meant. This point has been received high reputation by Youtubers.

BABYMETAL back band dares to say themselves as the best Metal back band, and SU-METAL, YUI-METAL, MOA-METAL. …….(omission for some parts since we all know this as long as you went through BABYMETAL performances)

In Japan, they are seen as an idol, but as artists worldwide; Idol and Metal. They are exclusive each other, but those two are fused and establishes an entertainment which the world reacts heatedly, then not only Japan, but their fame is now worldwide. Creating new interpretation which makes us so excited.

BTW, in the world, perspectives of BABYMETAL has been changed from an idol to artist with high estimation. Maybe because that Japanese Kawaii and pop culture have been propagated from EU to the rest, and it is now accepted in US too. For example, Avri Llavigne uses word “Kawaii” in her number “Hello, Kiti”, it is already famous.

As all above, BABYMETAL started with “Idol X Metal theme”, but outside Japan they are recognized as a bizarre metal band with Kawaii culture, and again seen as artist which make their reputation. This is the reason that they are much more famous in the world. They are introduced that Kawaii artists blow of metal sound.

BM Headbanger
So, not only two things, but all contradicts(or one slaved to another) factors such as Kawaii x Metal, song x dance, male adult dominance x juvenile female resistance were all fused into a miracle system. Realizing such system is the most reason that BABYMETAL has been so popular and accepted by different kinds people in all over the world.

Enjoy Kawaii culture with deadly serious Metal sounds while head banging, that is our BABYMETAL!

The last several paragraphs are my subjective translation. Thank for reading all. This is normal to you maybe, but in Japan, average people just started noticed them. Lets see what happen next.

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