Babymetal – Music Japan Special Night 2016/04/04 English Translation

These are the interview parts taken from Babymetal – Music Japan Special Night with English subtitles copied from this video which is already deleted. This program was broadcast by NHK on 2016 Apr. 4th 0:04-0:43 (JST).

Babymetal – Music Japan Special Night

Click caption button at the bottom right to display the subtitles. I’m sorry that the subtitles are hard to read because of overlapped Japanese subtitles and that I can’t merge the videos in one. Omitted parts contain the studio live performance and the same old introduction of BABYMETAL with Sonisphere, Lady Gaga, etc.

I’m sorry if I’ve mistaken the voices of SU-METAL, YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL. The words enclosed with parentheses “(xxx)” are what I’ve inserted as supplement or what NHK inserted on their subtitles. The words enclosed with parentheses & asterisk “(* xxx)” are supplement that I’m not so sure of.

Babymetal - Music Japan Special Night

Babymetal – Music Japan Special Night

I’m not sure whether “the venue (= it) has not changed” or “we have not changed” because they didn’t say grammatical subujects.
I apologize to everyone for failing to stranscribe Miss Yui’s word. Considering the context, most likely words are “taihen datta” (= it was tough).
They met in 2011 Dec. for a magazine “SWITCH” vol.30, no.2 pub on 2012 Jan. 20th. Miss Suzuka was 13 or 14 yr. and Miss Yui & Miss Moa were 12 yr. then. Maybe it was not a talk session but a photo session.
Miss Suzuka misunderstood Mr. Marty as a TV personality probably because Japanese TV variety shows for ordinary people often feature heavy metal musicians somewhat comically. Mr. Marty has appeared some music variety shows.
“J POP”.
“洋楽” (yôgaku)
“Irregular meter”


『TBSラジオ 荒川強啓 デイ・キャッチ!』 崎山記者がきゅんきゅん!BABYMETALの魅力 
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