BABYMETAL in the new part 8

Here is my weekly news tour about BABYMETAL, where i collect news in and around the web for you!


BABYMETAL is taking the world by storm right now and a lots of websites are talking about our kawaii metalers! The purpose of the section is to concentrated all the news in a single BABYMETAL place.

We have a new Sonisphere Festival UK poster
Sonisphere Festival babymetal

The Guardian

Our guru of all things heavy rounds up the latest in metal from Metallica, Babymetal and a tribute to Ronnie James Dio. Plus tracks from Mac DeMarco, le1f and Indiana in Singles Club

Music weekly podcast: Dom Lawson on Babymetal, a Dio tribute and GWAR

The Star Online

While metal music has been (unfairly) associated with bad behaviour, rebellion and even “devil worshipping”, Babymetal does not embody any of that. Babymetal’s music focuses on real-world issues that other teenagers face each day, encouraging everyone to stand up for themselves, to boldly accept who they are and simply, to love life.

Kawaii! Babymetal, teenage girls with a love for metal music

Japan Today

But the group’s popularity isn’t limited to the metal community. They’ve gotten attention from major media outlets around the world – it’s only a matter of time before we see the girls jumping around on Oprah’s coach, declaring their love for chocolate.

BABYMETAL invasion of the West marches on

Tokyo Girls’ Update want to know you opinion about BABYMETAL

Here some animated gifs, i know you like that stuff 🙂











Destrose: Bands that sound like BABYMETAL
When Cuca goes Megitsune