BABYMETAL in the news part 7

Here are some news about BABYMETAL i collect in and around the web.


BABYMETAL is taking the world by storm right now and a lots of websites are talking about our kawaii metalers! The purpose of the section is to concentrated all the news in a single BABYMETAL place.

BABYMETAL name has just appeared on the Sonisphere Festival UK poster.

OC Weekly

During live performances, the singers, who are all between the ages of 14 and 17, dance around the stage in a mix of club dancing and slam dancing, which can set the crowd off in a frenzy of swinging, dancing head banging and fist pumping.

What the Hell is Babymetal?


The latest musical phenomenon to go viral is Japan’s BABYMETAL, and Team Sonisphere snapped them up to join this year’s line up.

BABYMETAL to make UK debut at Sonisphere‏

Guitar tab for Ijime Dame Zettai

The Parthenon

In America, we have grown accustomed to what many consider corporately overproduced pop stars, but the control record companies have over American pop music does not compare to the influence of talent agencies in Japan. Japanese pop (J-pop) and metal trio BABYMETAL exemplifies the power of these agencies.

BABYMETAL highlights cultural differences

Another goddam foodblog

If you’re not familiar with Babymetal then I warn you now that you run a very real risk of getting into something fairly, um, unique. Much like AD and BC there is a time in my life I am calling BBM and ABM.

Last On Babymetal

Mask Magazine

This past February, a J-pop girl group called Babymetal released their self-titled debut album. The band stands out from the algorithmic aggregation of J-pop groups by throwing heavy riffs and unrelenting drum rhythms under catchy-as-hell pop tunes sung by three teenage girls.

Babymetal: these badass girls are going places

Here are some BABYMETAL animated gifs










BABYMETAL article in a Dutch newspaper.
Babymetal first europeans show confirm!