BABYMETAL on “Kawaii” meaning, Kami Band, “Metal Resistance” on Revolt TV

Revolt TV finally released its interview with BABYMETAL before the start of the World Tour in United States weeks ago! In this very interesting interview the girls explain what is the meaning of "Kawaii" on BABYMETAL but also in Japan, watch the full interview below. 


BABYMETAL is interviewed and teach dancing "Gimme Choco" on Revolt TV

BABYMETAL was interviewed by Hanna of Revolt TV from United States weeks ago before the BABYMETAL World Tour 2016 in United States. In this 4 minutes interview the girls talk about the US crowds, specially in New York City, the beginnings of the group and the FOX GOD "We were founded by our GOD, our "FOX GOD" when our GOD chose us, we became BABYMETAL" Yuimetal said. 


Then asked about their music and Kami Band: "We think our music is "Kawaii" Music since we don't play instruments with the help of the band we are able to bring out the Metal elements", Moametal says. 


Su-Metal explains the meaning of "Kawaii", "If you translate 'Kawaii' directly, it means 'cute' but 'Kawaii' has a certain Japanese element to it, in Japan 'Kawaii' things are always in. For example, the wardrobe we wear has frills and such which are 'Kawaii' elements." 


Watch the full interview on Revolt TV in addition with the girls teaching Hanna how to dance "Gimme Chocolate" and also they learned a new choreography! 




Interview by: Revolt TV