BABYMETAL Saitama’s “Big FOX Festival in Japan” 2 Days, looked like a blazing delight

Rockin On published a brief report of BABYMETAL's performances at Saitama Super Arena for "Big FOX Festival in Japan" on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Check the report translated below! 


BABYMETAL at Saitama Super Arena "blazing delight", Rockin' On report

The passion and delight at the Saitama Super Arena was packed with magnificent and happy scenic view. Following the live house performances through the whole "Five FOX Festival in Japan", "Tama Ari" (Saitama Super Arena) and Osaka Jo Hall "2 Days" they will held it on the scale of "Big FOX Festival in Japan" to be exact, which symbolizes what the three are ready to give to all. 


When I saw them at the "Five FOX Festival in Japan" at the "Gold Festival" held at a live house, I remember seeing juvenile spirts boys and girls in the same age as the BABYMETAL girls attending. 


But then when I was watching today's stage the second day at Tama Ari, the amount of heat I felt for rock in my 40s was like I was in my teen 20s, now and with what BABYMETAL expressed without any error everybody was certainly feeling like that. In such horizon BABYMETAL is standing. My heart got warm and fast hearbeat because of that. 


Also at the recent Summer Sonic's Marine Stage they finally moved up from the small stages to the stadium stage, and it was the best, was like an unquestionable unique one-man where you could hear the roar of souls united at the venue.




Report by: Rockin On

Translation by: Maik Gianino