Babymetal in Singapore with english sub!

Here is a very good documentary chronicling the BABYMETAL journey in Singapore for the AFA 2012.

The AFA 2012 concert is here:

2012 AFA

some additional translation,notes and corrections
1:20 The tags Yui and Moa are wearing are which Japan’s postal service uses for luggage.
1:36 Moa says “Our Suzuka-san,,,Su-metal is asleep.”
2:28 Moa says “I’m landing on the ground of Singapore…now!
3:00 the Japanese sub reads “Eiki”, not “Eigo(english)”, it means to recharge their batteries ,not to brush up on their English.
3:15 Moa says “I wanna get into a pool”, not a bath.
3:46 Yui says ” at the airport…” and Su- says “Yeah,I felt relieved when I saw them(welcoming fans) at the airport.”
6:05 A fan:”kawaii”, Moa:” oh,thank you” ,fan:”I love Moa-chan”, Moa:”Thank you for your continuous support.”
8:26 Yui says “マント着てからあれやろ?” means “After wearing the cloak,let’s do THAT.” In this case,THAT means the following huddle “BABYMETAL GO!”
16:07 Su- says “Are you O.K. Yui-chan?”
16:28 Moa says “first time (show),abroad.”
16:55 Yui says”I wanna swim!”

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