Babymetal Songs Self Review : Megitsune

It tells something little but cute, vivid also important behind-the-scene stories of Babymetal. This is a translation from Babymetal All Songs Self Review, Hedoban magazine (vol.1) published in Jul 2013, first appeared here in r/BABYMETAL in Reddit.

Q : Voices of you three were impressively improved, right?

Moametal : Thank you! This song has a series of saying “Soiya Soiya Soiya Soiya!,” doesn’t it? And “Kon Kon Kon Ko Kon Kon Ko Kon!,” like that. I couldn’t say these at all but only slurred badly. As an original plan, this song was to get recorded in one shot but the recording went terrible because of slurring of both Moametal and Yuimetal. And Su-metal giggled at us (laugh).

Q : Hard to take breaths on those lines?

Moametal : No time to take a breath!

Su-metal : There are many lines singing through in a breath.

Hedoban magazine vol 1

Q : Was this song made a while ago?

Su-metal : It was, right after IDZ? It was a different song back then. We had sang tentative version of this song for a while. On every recording sessions I was told “Please sing like this, we made a change bit.” It kept evolving little by little! At first it was rather a cute song like “Doki Doki” or “Iine!”, but next time Su-metal listened, it had drumming of Taiko and I said “What!?” (laugh) while lyrics were cute still. I had seen it evolving by side wondering what it would be like at last, and here it is.

Q : What is your recommendation in “Megitsune”?

Yuimetal : Nothing to say, “Nametara Ikanzeyo!” By Su-metal! I didn’t know the line came in at a recording session. Two of us were waiting our “Soiya Soiya”moment listening her singing with headphones on. Then unexpected silence came in and Su-metal said the line, it surprised us so hard to forget “Soiya” completely (laugh). We had to do another recording.

Q : It is such a surprise, in a good sense.

Yuimetal : It is so cool. Once hearing it you can easily visualize how she sings. I want to listen repeatedly.

Q : Yuimetal, can you imagine yourself saying “Nametara Ikanzeyo! (You should never underestimate me!)”?

Yuimetal : No, I can’t. But I want to try. Yuimetal version. It seems funny to have various versions.

Moametal : this song is… so sexy at first. And when I heard words “Actress” and “Megitsune”, I knew it a kind of foxes but… I had no idea what it was really about then. It was new to me. Also the line “Soiya Soiya” seemed so much fun because I imagined we and audiences would be at imaginary festival doing Wasshoi Wasshoi (putting on something to the sky over and over saying the word along) together.


Q : So, how about you, Su-metal? You seemed mature a lot as a vocalist.

Su-metal : I hadn’t had any suggestion about how to sing before. This was my first time to have it as “Let’s sing like Enka song”. Especially the line “Ah, Ahhhhh,” it was.

Q : We hear melisma in your voice a bit!

Su-metal : I worked very hard with it. And this song was recorded on April 2nd. Su-metal… NAKAMOTO Suzuka in my masquerading form in daily life, had just graduated Sakura Gakuin at the end of that March. And when I was working on the line “Smiling at face, crying at heart,” I was told “Remembering how you kept yourself calm at commencement and it may help you to sing it great?” I said “Yes indeed!” from bottom of my heart. It would have never came to me if it weren’t the day! So it is my recommendation!

Notes :
1. Megitsune : A female fox in literally translation. But it is mostly a figure of speech. See this page in BABYMETAL TRANSLATIONS UNOFFICIAL

2. Kon Kon : A fox barks in this way in Japan.

3 : “Nametara Ikanzeyo!” is a dialect in Tosa region in Japan, also a famous script of a steal-hearted woman played by a legendary actress MATSUME Masako in “A Life of KIRYUIN Hanako] a movie. Or reminds of ASAMIYA Saki, in TV series Delinquent Girl Detective II : Legend of a Girl with an Iron Mask, played by MINAMINO Yoko), a historical idle in Japan back then.

4. Soiya is a shout-along for cheering, recently famous as a shout in Yosakoi dance.
In J-Pop history, Soiya and Sore were impressively used in a smash hit song 前略、道の上より Zenryaku, Michi no Ue Yori (Dear friends, from on the Road) by Issei Fubi Sepia in 1986 in Japan.

5. Moa saying “sexy” : She did use the word which implies deferent from English as Japanese-English “Sekusii.” Japanese often use it without, or less sexual.

6. Sing like Enka songs : Get an idea from a famous Pop/modern-Enka singer NAGAYAMA Yoko.

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