BABYMETAL on Wan Quan Ying Yue – Taiwanese TV 29-11-2013 (video)

BABYMETAL was on a Taiwanese TV show named 完全娯楽 -完全櫻樂 (does anyone can translate??) last night and we have the video for you!

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So, now i feel like a zombie, i’m so obsessed with our Kawaii metal princess that i’m watching a complete 12 minutes childish/teen game TV show where i don’t understand ONE word, i don’t remember have done anything like this for a band before! :s

So if you speak Japaneses, whats the name of these show? whats is this show? give us some insight and i will quote you here!

As i can see, or understand, the girls are doing some kind of word game with cartoon, then they have to touch some gruesome creature inside a box and they don’t see it ..

BABYMETAL – Wan Quan Ying Yue 2013-11-29

Via: BMLover

This part “完全櫻楽” of the program is to promote Japanese singers for Taiwan. The hostess and BABYMETAL almost spoke Japanese but the naration and the subtitle are Chinese which I don’t understand.
[English abstruct]
In the first part:
BABYMETAL said “It’s a fox sign.” and “In concerts, we are possessed by the Fox God and don’t remember clearly what has happened.”, etc.
In the second part:
To answer the meaning of the kanji phrases (the same kanji may have different meanings among the countries).
Hostess#1 (kanji) Convenient Store – (meaning) a convenience store.
#2 (kanji) Upon Horse – (meaning) right now. – SU-METAL answered “a race course”.
#3 (kanji) Add Oil – (meaning) cheer up! – Not a few Japanese know the Chinese use this phrase.
BABYMETAL showed their original ones not used in Japan. SU-METAL’s and YUIMETAL’s are a little difficult to explain.
MOAMETAL’s (kanji) Written With Whole Heart – (meaning) autograph – The hostess answered “a love letter” and BABYMETAL said “we write them for whom we love.” (= BABYMETAL’s fans).
In the third part:
To answer what is in the box only by touching it.
Miss SU got very frightened and Miss YUI seemed to say “SU-chan, are you crying? Are you alright?” but it’s a little difficult to hear exactly what they said.
At last:
A very important notice comes next week. You should never miss it. (A rumor says BABYMETAL will hold the concert in Taiwan, 2014 Feb.)

Addtion to the second part:
SU-METAL’s kanji is as whole “electric” and sometimes used for the commuter train (as abbreviation) and she put eight “Persons” in four places and the meaning is “a very crowded commuter train”.
YUIMETAL’s first kanji is “Fox” and second is “Red” but she said it is “baby” (since the Japanese call a baby “red child”). And the third is her original kanji composed of “Neck”, “Shake”, and “Power” which she said heavy metal. As a whole (Fox + Baby + Metal), the meaning is BABYMETAL.

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