BABYMETAL to announce new prophecy by FOX GOD at the end of Metal Resistance Episode V!

BABYMETAL just published a teaser of an upcoming announcement that will take place probably in October after the end of the shows in Osaka on October 14 and October 15. The information features a new promotional picture called "THE ONE Exclusive Initiation - In The Name Of The FOX GOD". See more below. 


BABYMETAL teaser on "THE ONE Exclusive Initiation - In The Name Of The FOX GOD"!

BABYMETAL is set to announce a new prophecy by the FOX GOD at the end of Metal Resistance Episode V which will end in Osaka after the shows on October 14 and October 15! Is the group ready to announce a new Album? New World Tour? Only The FOX GOD Knows!



"When the 5 Fox Flames gathered to become THE ONE and the Big Fox Flames lit the pitch-black night, all portals to METAL RESISTANCE EPISODE V shall open.


The moment all 5 portals have opened, the FOX GOD will reveal a new prophecy as METAL RESISTANCE EPISODE V comes to an end.



This year, the first and last THE ONE EXCLUSIVE INITIATION - IN THE NAME OF THE FOX GOD – will be held!!

A new prophecy shall be revealed at the closing of METAL RESISTANCE EPISODE V."


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  • George Hook

    The Fox God needs to liven it up. The last album (spotty at best) had only one video, albeit a great one, while the first album introduced a collection of memorable videos that, in many ways, made the group. The concerts have become somewhat rote too: same old Kami Band instrumental break, for example. If the announcement is a new album, they need to get away from the onslaught metal attack and start mixing it up with J Pop again. Granted, I may be bitter that they didn’t visit Chicago during their last round of US gigs, still, I’m just not as fascinated as I once was. I still have hope though: they gave the best concert I’ve ever seen a couple years ago in Chicago, so they are still capable of surprises and revelations.