BABYMETAL will perform at LOUD PARK festival 2013

BABYMETAL, who has spent this summer appearing in numerous rock festivals such as SUMMER SONIC 2013 and ROCK IN JAPAN FES.13, have through their outstanding performances gained the respect and admiration from not only idol fans, but music fans as well; it’s been confirmed that the group will be making an appearance at Japan’s largest and only metal festival, LOUD PARK 13.


Their performance in this festival marks an impressive feat, as they are the youngest artists to be performing on the main stage in the history of the LOUD PARK festival, their name appearing in the lineup along with well-known foreign metal artists.

During SUMMER SONIC 2013, they came on stage accompanied by the live band known as “Kami Band”, and proceeded with a performance that extended beyond the borders of mere idols: a roaring metal sound combined with the translucent vocals a dance with crisp movements. BABYMETAL has gained attention not only from Japan but from abroad as well, and as a special surprise, even the “masters of metal”, METALLICA came to watch their stage performance.

With this upcoming band-accompanied performance in the largest metal festival in Japan, LOUD PARK 13, it’s all eyes on them to see what they’ll do next.

Source: Kawaii girl Japan

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