BABYMETAL winner of “Best Album Of The Year” and “Best Metal Video” in the MTV VMAJ 2016!

BABYMETAL was nominated in August for the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2016 thanks to their Music Video for "KARATE" and their second studio Album "Metal Resistance", MTV Japan announced today the winners, BABYMETAL won 2 awards of the 3 nominations! Read more details below. 


BABYMETAL wins 2 MTV VMAJ Awards with "Metal Resistance" & "KARATE"

BABYMETAL was nominated for the MTV VMAJ 2016 in three categories. "KARATE" Music Video was nominated for Best Japanese Group Music Video Award and Best Metal Music Video, their second studio Album "Metal Resistance" was nominated for Best Japanese Album Award


After the official announcement today, MTV Japan confirmed the winners for each category featuring BABYMETAL winner of "Best Album Of The Year" with "Metal Resistance" and "Best Metal Video" with their video and lead Single "KARATE"! The awards were decided thanks to the votes of the fans. Votings were open from September 1 to September 30. 


MTV Japan Video Music Awards 2016 ceremony will take place on October 26 (Wednesday) at Shinkiba Studio Coast.

BABYMETAL's appearance is not yet confirmed, please notice. 


Check the full list of winners on MTV Japan