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All-Girls wall of death at APOCRYPHA – THE RED MASS concert

Well APOCRYPHA - THE BLACK MASS was all male only fans concert where the guys have to wear black and white make we have APOCRYPHA - THE ...
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BABYMETAL Apocrpyha The Black Mass: Photos and Setlist

BABYMETAL has just tweet this photo from Apocrpyha The Black Mass concert! ...
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Sakura Gakuin: HMV March 11 2013 Interview

Interview- Sakura Gakuin `My Graduation Toss`
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BABYMETAL – Live in London – BABYMETAL World Tour 2014 official trailer

This new trailer has just appear on BABYMETAL official Youtube channel. New Live Blu-ray / DVD 「LIVE IN LONDON –BABYMETAL WORLD ...
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Kami Band: Takayoshi Ohmura Guitar Solo 2014/9/6

大村孝佳 10th Anniversary The Chronicle of Metal Lovers Takayoshi Ohmura (大村孝佳 Ōmura Takayoshi?) is a Japanese musician popular ...
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BABYMETAL confirmed at Reading & Leeds Festival

Reading & Leeds Festival confirmed BABYMETAL présence today The Reading and ...
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Kayama Yuzo loves Babymetal

Japanese popular musician and film star Kayama Yuzo revel his love for BABYMETAL in a recent japan tv show.
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BABYMETAL: video Message to Italy and France

BABYMETAL bring these two new video message for their fans from France ans Italy. BABYMETAL - BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2015 Message to Italy ht...
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Video message for Switzerland and Austria

The band has release two new message video for their coming concert in Switzerland and Austria. Rock In Vienna: Babymetal Greetings to ...
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BABYMETAL Signs U.S., European Deals For Release Of Debut Album

Japanese pop-metal group BABYMETAL has signed with RAL/Sony Music Entertainment for the U.S. release of the band's 2014 critically acclaimed ...
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BABYMETAL’s video Message to Canada

BABYMETAL - BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2015 Message to Canada ■Buy tickets for Canada ■BABYMETAL WORLD ...
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Babymetal IDZ interview : MARQUEE vol.94

This is an old interview of Babymetal, published in MARQUEE vol.94 December 2012. They are talking about the release of their first major ...
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BABYMETAL message video for Mexico!!

This new video message for Mexico show has just been upload on Youtube! As usual they have the mexican flag and do a small speech for their ...
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Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2015: Time to vote for BABYMETAL!

Let's vote for BABYMETAL in the Breakthrough category of the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2015!
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Der Ring – Grüne Hölle Rock change venue

DER RING - Grüne Hölle Rock has announced a change in venue, from Nürburg to the Veltin Arena! Thus, BabyMetal will be performing at a ...
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Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150326 Moa Kikuchi

RTG 2014 ~Be ambitious, Memorial Summit~ Well, finally, It's time to start "The Road to Graduation 2014 ~Be ambitious, Memorial Summit~" ...
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Babymetal Videomessage – DER RING – Grüne Hölle Rock 2015

DER RING - Grüne Hölle Rock - Festival am Nürburgring #GHR2015 29. bis 31. Mai 2015
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Vote for BABYMETAL in the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards

BABYMETAL are up for Breakthrough Artist! You have to register to vote at the link above. Vote for ...
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Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150320 Moa Kikuchi: Senpai

Senpai Good mornooning♥ It's Moa. :) My last open-class ended. I feel somewhat hurt inside. In the class 'Archaeology of Songs', each member ...
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Sakura Gakuin students’ diary Yui Mizuno: Toyosu

Toyosu Hello, it's Yui. :) Thank you for coming to the open-class. And thank you for watching the open-class program on NicoNico-douga live ...
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BABYMETAL Legend 2015 @ SSA (WOWOW Broadcast) Stream!

BABYMETAL - Legend 2015 Live @ SSA [Part 1 of 2] Be fast before the files got deleted BABYMETAL - Legend 2015 Live @ SSA [Part 1 of 2]
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BABYMETAL Legend 2015 Interview on WOWOW

Babymetal 2015 SSA interview
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BABYMETAL – Intro + Megitsune [New year fox festival 2015 live at WOWOW]

BABYMETAL - Intro + Megitsune [New year fox festival 2015]
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Producer Talks About BABYMETAL

BABYMETAL producer explains how they created BABYMETAL and why people love'em. As you know, this is ...
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Sakura Gakuin: Tower Record Cafe Collaboration with MiniPati TOWER RECORDS CAFE opens the collaboration cafe with Sakura Gakuin cooking club Minipati at TOWER ...
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BABYMETAL album cover homage and fan art, huge update!

First update since October. I've been busy. Many different band's album covers spoofed here, Rammstein, KISS, Iron Maiden, The Sex Pistols, Ozzy, ...
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Su-metal’s acceptance speech at the 7th CD shop awards

Su metal's 7th CD shop award acceptance speech with English subs
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An interview with photographer Dana Distortion!

An Interview with photographer Dana Distortion ! Dana Distortion has become quite popular among fans of BABYMETAL due to her stellar images of ...
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BABYMETAL has won the 7th CD Shop Grand Award

BABYMETAL 第7回CDショップ大賞受賞!! SU's comment: "This is our first time to recieve the Award like this, now, I'm excited, but I'm ...
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BABYMETAL Ijime Dame Zettai compilation

BABYMETAL I, D, Z コンピレーション! BABYMETAL IDZ compilation made by Jake Harris! enjoy! Concerts (in order) Legend I (says ...
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