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BABYMETAL has decided to release a live DVD / Blu-ray "Live in London -BABYMETAL World Tour 2014" on May 20. You can pre-order your DVD, Blu-ray ...
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The One- Limited “Babymetal World Tour 2014 Apocalypse” Translated by Thomas Malone

Announcement of the planned release of -The One- Limited “Babymetal World Tour 2014 Apocalypse” 3 young girls stood at the front of ...
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BABYMETAL add 3 new concerts to the WORLD TOUR 2015!

BABYMETAL has just announced 3 new countries to add to the WORLD TOUR 2015! Congratulations to all those Fans from France, Switzerland and ...
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BABYMETAL featured on Tokyo Journal Magazine

kettenkraftrad just post this on Reddit, this is scan for a BM's interview from Tokyo Journal.
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Hedoban magazine Vol. 6: Interview with Kobametal

The number of things we would like to ask Kobametal are almost unlimited in scope. The producer of Babymetal who should more properly be ...
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Schedule for Rockavaria, Rock in Vienna and Der Ring Festivale Released

Rock in Vienna, Rockavaria and Der Ring Festival has announced the concert timetable and you can see on the poster, BABYMETAL are pretty high on ...
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Answer letter from Suzuka Nakamoto and more on her photobook (translation)

Hi. This is the letter from Suzuka. It’s a Touji letter to everyone. ~~~~ My three years in Jr. High have been immersed in Sakura Gakuin. Since ...
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Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150217 Moa Kikuchi

Title: JaJaJah〜n! 【=Ta-dah!】 Good mornooning❤ It's Moa. This year's our first show "The Road to Graduation 2014 〜Happy Valentin...
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BABYMETAL’s new helmets and costumes: where are they coming from?

Some people are saying that they try to copy Batman, son others are saying that they are trying to look evil with helmet with devil horns.. ...
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BABYMETAL Loud Park 13 named as best Live Performance

BABYMETAL Loud Park 13 concert was named the #3 best Live Performance by Heavy Metal Japan.
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Slash Talks About BABYMETAL

Former Guns n Roses member Slash talks about BABYMETAL on InterFM's "The Dave Fromm Show".
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Is BABYMETAL a case of «Suspension of disbelief»?

I mean the time of a concert and a video we all use Suspension of disbelief as we all know that Su don't really scream her heart out in the song ...
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What happened to Moa Kikuchi? (Babymetal in Montreal)

What happened to Moa Kikuchi (MoaMetal) during the show in Montreal was prove of her professionalism. It was just a little detail, but enough ...
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Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150213 Moa Kikuchi

Title: Hairstyle ❤Ufufu...♥❤It's Moa...ufufu♥❤....ufufufufu♥❤♥ 【onomatopoeia for giggling. hehehe?】 I had a happy ...
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House of Blues Chicago concert sold out in 1 day!

BABYMETAL's Chicago concert at the House of Blues is sold-out! House of Blues Chicago Facebook page announced the news earlier today.
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BABYMETAL supporting LADY GAGA’s artRAVE (video compilation)

BABYMETAL support act 5 days [LADY GAGA's artRAVE]July 30 - August 6, 2014 This guy have edited more than 2 jours of video footage from BABYME...
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Saitama Super Arena Pro-shot Gimme Chocolate!! audience call-and-response segment
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BABYMETAL Chocolate! (English Captions Intro Legend ’97)

Prologue to "Give me Chocolate (Gimme Choco)" in Legend "1997" Included in "LIVE - LEGEND 1999 & 1997 APOCALYPSE" (released on 2014 Oct. ...
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BABYMETAL at Circo Volador confirmed (Mexico)

As we tell you earlier this week, BABYMETAL officially announced that they will play Circo Volador in Mexico City, Mexico on May 9th. 【Date】...
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BABYMETAL at Rockavaria Festival 2015 confirmed (Germany)

BABYMETAL are confirmed for the Rockavaria Festival 2015 which will be held from May 29 to 31, 2015 in Munich, Germany.
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BABYMETAL at Rock in Vienna 2015 confirmed (Austria)

BABYMETAl presence is confirmed at the Rock in Vienna 2015 festival! The concert is held from Thursday 4th to Saturday 6th June 2015, BABYMETAL ...
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BABYMETAL at DER RING – Grüne Hölle Rock 2015 confirmed (Germany)

BABYMETAL gonna play the DER RING - Grüne Hölle Rock 2015, in Germany the date is not yet avaible but it's gonna be between May 29 and 31, ...
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Sakura Gakuin: Squishy cheeks on MUSiCxiD

Sakura Gakuin on MUSiCxiD Talk show with English subtitles The girls show, or attempt to show, their special skills
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BABYMETAL concert in Mexico update including a leaked date!

I just chat with Babymetal en Español manager and he provide me this article about the BABYMETAL concert in Mexico rumor! Yesterday night, ...
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Yui Mizuno New Diary: Look alike?

Title: Look alike? It's Yui. I know this is sudden, but do you think Yui and Sara look alike!? OKay, first of all, I show you our photos in ...
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Rumor: BABYMETAL concert in Mexico?

Right now their is a big rumor about a BM concert in Mexico. The rumor come from the spanish fans site, which is down ...
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BABYMETAL featured on musicるTV

BABYMETAL were featured today on musicるTV. They ask if Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku (Ebisu Private Junior High School) could rivalise with BABYMET...
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2 Kamishibai from Oosaka 2013

Kamishibai from Osaka 2013 (SUMMER SONIC 2013) with English subtitles
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Legendary live at Budokan is now available on Google Play

“Black Night Legend - Doomsday” March 2, 2014 This is one of the rarest visual content which features every moments of emotional unison ...
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BABYMETAL Announcement about Tokyo Metrock!

BABYMETAL has just confirmed their presence to the next METROCK 2015 festival (TOKYO METROPOLITAN ROCK FESTIVAL 2015). BABYMETAL gonna play ...
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