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New TEAMROCK interview with Su-Metal!

A new interview with Su for the upcoming tour! Link;
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BABYMETAL live on Yunika Vision! 23-10-14

Here is a 20 minute BABYMETAL video at special edition of Music Info on Yunika Vision. 【Song ...
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Here is a promotional video for the Live - Legend 1999 & 1997 Apocalypse DVD and Blu Ray.
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norest for thekawaiibabymetal

More BABYMETAL homage album covers/fanart

More album cover homage and fan art, with Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Ozzy, HR Giger covers for ELP, Debbie Harry and Steve Stevens, ...
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BABYMETAL 4th Anniversary Trailer

As by the 28th of November we have had a whole 4 years of Babymetal. TheTwixtaChannel is making a 20 minute long film to show how the Girls ...
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NHK's ASIA MUSIC NETWORK will discuss the new trend of mixing idol and metal music next week. ASIA MUSIC NETWORK isa brand-new music ...
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BABYMETAL “Legend 1997″ live on Yunika Vision!

BABYMETAL at special edition of Music Info on Yunika Vision Oct. 23 (Thu) to Nov. 2 (Sun). 【Song List】 1. Gimme Choco!! 2. Head ...
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BABYMETAL – White Love (English Captions Intro)

BABYMETAL "White Love" with English captioned prolog from 'LEGEND “D” SU-METAL聖誕祭 / Seitan-sai' on December 20, 2012 at Akasaka BLITZ. ...
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Sakura Gakuin – Heart no Hoshi Nico Nico Live 10/28

We will be having a live broad cast for the Nico Nico studio's to celebrate the 1st DVD single of Heart no Hoshi. 10/28 19:00~19:45 JST ...
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Celebrate Halloween with Sakura Gakuin!

Here is the Halloween theme song Pumpkin Parade by Sakura Gakuin with english sub. This son come from the Sakura Gakuin Sai 2013 Nen -Live ...
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Heart no Hoshi

New Yui Mizuno’s Sakura Gakuin diary post: Finally, you can listen♪

Hello, It's Yui. Today, I want to talk about 'Heart no Hoshi' which will be released on October.22nd. Above all things, this song is very cute ...
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Sakura Gakuin shuffle units playing BABYMETAL

Sakura Gakuin shuffle units are when band member are playing song and doing choregraphies from others Sakura Gakuin sub-units. So here we ...
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Scoopers interview with Babymetal with English subtitles

A very funny interview with Babymetal carried out by Scoopers. SCOOPERS is a sub unit of the idol group Sakura Gakuin. They are the fourth sub ...
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BABYMETAL : Epic Fan Art Gallery PART 5

Here are some UPDATE of the best BABYMETAL Fan Art that i found in and around the web and social network. If you are the owner of one of this ...
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Moa’s Sakura Gakuin new Diary Entry

Thank you ✖ BABYMETAL ✖ ☠ ✖ 重音部 ✖ for the translation Good Mornooning It's Moa At 27th Sept Live, It was really happy ...
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John Petrucci (Dream Theater) talk about BABYMETAL on Reddit

John Petrucci, the legendary Dream Theater guitarist, have done an Ask Me Anything! on popular web community Reddit and someone ask him a question ...
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FRUITPOCHETTE: Idol Metal`s Next Rising Power Japanese Idol Metal and Idol Hard Rock is in full bloom with dozens of groups picking up their Idol ...
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[BABYMETAL LEGEND "2015" ~ fox New Year Festival] : ticket public sale

Official sale fot the [BABYMETAL LEGEND "2015" ~ fox New Year Festival] concert start on octobre 17. BABYMETAL LEGEND "2015" ~ fox New Year ...
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maxresdefault (2)

BABYMETAL – Ijime, dame, zettai!: cover Español By Piyoasdf

Her is a prettu amazin spanish BABYMETAL cover for the song Ijime, dame, zettai by YouTube member Piyoasdf. Here what we can find on her YT ...
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Sakura Gakuin – Mini Pati : Acha! Cha! Kari!! live video

Sakura Gakuin's Mini Patissier (Cooking Club) performing at their Road to Gradution 2013 live final on 03/30/14.
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SU-METAL Interview at Mu ~ Komi Plus (english sub)

A wonderful interview with Suzuka Nakamoto from Babymetal. Nippon Broadcasting System radio program Mu ~ Komi Plus or Music and Comic Plus. ...
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Bassist BOH blog : Thoughts on Babymetal World Tour in Japan

Here is a translated text from Bassist BOH blog, BOH is BABYMETAL live band aka «kami band» bass player, by Dokoiko and Monster Panda on Reddit...
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BABYMETAL feature article on Yomiuri Shimbun Japanese newspaper

BABYMETAL was feature yesterday morning on a major Japanese newspaper named Yomiuri Shimbun. The Yomiuri Shimbun (読売新聞, Yomiuri Shinbun ...
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Varien, aka Nick Pittsinger, embrace BABYMETAL

The American composer and producer is embracing BABYMETAL and he express his love for our kawaii soldiers right on his Twitter account. Can you ...
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Babymetal – Akatsuki Flute Cover

Léo Poirier play flute like a boss! Here's my second babymetal's flute cover, 'hope you ...
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BABYMETAL with T.M.Revolution: short clip from MUSIC STATION

Here is a very short clip from MUSIC STATION where we can see the girls from BABYMETAL with T.M.Revolution (Takanori Nishikawa). 【東京不...
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SU-METAL: History of Suzuka Nakamoto (English Sub)

SU-METAL, a 16-year-old Metal Queen, is a truly talented artist with over a decade of professional singing and modeling experience. Here is ...
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BABYMETAL live at Summer Sonic 2014 Tokyo [WOWOW]

Here is a pro-shot video from BABYMETAL live at Summer Sonic 2014 Tokyo broadcast by WOWOW We have the songs BABYMETAL DEATH and Gimme Choco...
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BABYMETAL featured on Miyaneya TV Show

BABYMETAL were feature last morning on YTV’s program calledMiyaneya. Miyaneya (情報ライブ ...
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BABYMETAL – Prolog for Onedari Daisakusen – Legend “I” (English captions)

BLACK BABYMETAL - Prolog for “Onedari Daisakusen” / 「おねだり大作戦」プロローグ with English captions. Legend "I" Live ...
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