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BABYMETAL and Dragonforce Gimme Choko!!, PRO SHOT Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2015

Here is the proshot video of BABYMETAL and Dragonforce Gimme Choko live at Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2015
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Photos taken by Tim Easton at //

BABYMETAL And Dragonforce – Road Of Resistance, PRO SHOT Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2015

Finally here it is! BABYMETAL And Dragonforce - Road Of Resistance, PRO SHOT at Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2015
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Ozzfest 2015: A message to Ozzy Osbourne from BABYMETAL!

BABYMETAL has unveil a brand new promo video for the coming Ozzfest 2015. Sharon Osbourne replies ...
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CBC Go Go Smile Japanese show special about BABYMETAL

Here is a BABYMETAL special TV Report at Go Go Smile on CBC TV.
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Babymetal grace the cover of Metal Hammer!

For the first time ever, Japanese sensations Babymetal grace the cover of Metal Hammer! Join us as we spend 72 hours with the most ...
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BABYMETAL confirmed at Ozzfest Japan 2015?

Their is some rumor about BABYMETAl playing at the OZZFEST Japan, and well, we have find a hint that may confirmed the rumor are right! Well the ...
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BabyMetal – Gimme Chocolate (DJ Emergency 911 DNB Remix)

Here is a pretty cool elctronic dance music remix of Gimme Chocolate
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Ladybaby: Ladybeard makes music debut as lead member of pop idol trio

Oh, Ladybeard. Your antics have given us so much joy over the years here at RocketNews24. Who could forget the time you gracefully modelled the ...
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BABYMETAL interview at Newsroom Tokyo

Here is a BABYMETAL report and interview at NHK World's Newsroom Tokyo. An all-new program for a ...
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BABYMETAL AP TV Interview: No thinking, just feeling

Here is a short but sweet BABYMETAL interviews with AP TV as the girls were playing at Rock on the Range some week ago. And Su-Metal nail it ...
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【BABYMETAL】24-1 BOH on Niconico Live broadcast

【BABYMETAL】24-1 BOH (☆talk only)「ツアー 真面目な話」20150614 22:00 https://www...
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BABYMETAL report on italian TV

BABYMETAL report on Studio Aperto tv show on Italia 1 Channel. Studio Aperto (lit. Open Studio) ...
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New BOH Blog: BABYMETAL’s 2015 world tour impression

Is everyone in a good mood? This is your esteemed bald boy, BOHヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ BABYMETAL's 2015 world tour finally ended at Makuhari ...
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BABYMETAL at the Kerrang Awards 11/06/2015

Behind the scenes at the Kerrang Awards
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BABYMETAL 06-22 Japan TV News

BABYMETAL are everywhere on TV news today and here are some clips for you! https://www.youtub...
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BABYMETAL live at Makuhari Messe : new song – be fast or die!

BABYMETAL performed at Makuhari Messe to 25,000 people They announced new Japan Tour Dates ...
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Details for the Japan tour. Official dates.
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BABYMETAL LIVE IN Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, Japan! setlist, photos and videos

BABYMETAL LIVE IN Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, Japan! here is the setlist.. as you can see they played a brand new track! Dont forget all updates ...
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Italian interview with BABYMETAL (with translation)

Translation courtesy of Suzanne Nguyen. Thank you! Interview posted by Associazione Ochacaffè but blocked on YT
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BABYMETAL at the Golden Gods awards, and they win!

Congratulations to BABYMETAL on winning the Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2015 Breakthrough award and for a great performance of Gimme Chocolate and ...
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BABYMETAL with…. a bunch of bands!!

Well, BABYMETAL are everywhere this week and take a lot of picture with many many... many band of all kind! It's seem to be a trend everyone ...
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Babymetal playing with Dragonforce at Download Festival

BABYMETAL make a surprise appearance tonight during the DragonFroce concert at the Download Festival and we have some pics and video for you! ...
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BABYMETAL live at House of Blues, Chicago 14/5/2015 (fancam compilation)

Evergig have post this fancam compilation of the Chicago Concert
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Babymetal with KISS!

Yes the Fox God help the girls to reach the gods of Rock'N 'Roll, KISS
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Revolver: Babymetal Interview – Rock on Range 2015

Babymetal chats with Revolver's Chris Enriquez about their Fox God, their love for Metallica, and what the song "give me chocolate" is really ...
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Consequence of Sound: A Conversation With Babymetal

On today's episode, Rock it Out! Blog host Sami Jarroush chats with Su-Metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal, the three girls that front the Japanese heavy ...
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Revolver interview

Two new BABYMETAL interviews!

Two new BABYMETAL interviews! One from Consequence of Sound in which the interviewer explains the circumstances of the interview and politely ...
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BABYMETAL live Rock in Vienna [6 June ’15] photos and videos

Here are the photos and videos from their last concert at Rock in Vienna Updates are at the end of the post Rock in Vienna BABYMETAL ...
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When BABYMETAL meet Vinnie Paul

Some metal elitist brain gonna explode today as BABYMETAL just post this picture with Vinnie Paul (Hellyeah, Pantra).
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Moametal talking about the Golden Gods awards

As you'll know already, BABYMETAL are set to play the Golden Gods ceremony along with At The Gates , We Are Harlot and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - ...
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