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IMPORTANT! TheFineBros need a japanese translator

You should remember this react video, and many of you have discover BABYMETAL via this video! ...
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BABYMETAL at HEAVY MONTRÉAL – Here’s the schedule!!

Here is the schedule for the canadian heavy metal festival HEAVY MONTRÉAL. As you can see, BABYMETAL will start the Heavy Stage day and will ...
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BABYMETAL WIN Metal Hammer Heavy Metal World Cup

Our beloved kawaii metaller have won the Metal Hammer Heavy Metal World Cup and the reactions are just funny! (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs ...
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Ken Tabise reporting from Japan, for BABYMETAL FAN CLUB. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementBy...
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Sakura Gakuin: Yui Mizuno new blog entry

Yui Mizuno (YuiMetal) has just post this new entry on the Sakura Gakuin official blog. As you can see their is a lot of picture from her travel ...
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Huntress enter BABYMETAL craziness

American heavy metal band Huntress is entering the BABYMETAL craziness and publish something on their Facebook page! The band is leaded by ...
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babymetal sonisphere

BABYMETAL – 100% Pure, Raw, No-Apologies Girl Power

A fan in Los Angeles discusses where BABYMETAL comes from and gives us some thoughts and feelings on what they are about. By Agent Piroko ...
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BABYMETAL at Sonisphere, Scuzz Interview

Here is a mini-interview with BABYMETAL on Scuzz TV. Thank you to jse14 from BABYMETAL on reddit
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CARCASS – Jeff Walker and Bill Steer talk about BABYMETAL

Nuclear Blast Records have post on their YouTube channnel this small but funny interview Jeff Walker and Bill Steer from the metal band CARCASS at ...
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BABYMETAL – Endless Rain (cover of X-Japan)

Here is a bootleg audio version of the X-Japan song Endless Rain (Yamanai Ame) played by at the Budokan concert.
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BABYMETAL featured on Scuzz TV today

British music television channel Scuzz TV will feature BABYMETAL today during a Sonisphere special. The today show will feature artsist such as ...
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BABYMETAL – Guess What Is Inside [English Sub]

BABYMETAL was on a Taiwanese TV show named 完全娯楽 -完全櫻樂 some mouth ago and now we have some parts with english subs. In that TV ...
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BABYMETAL in Sonisphere Festival UK 2014 fan cam Compilation

This guy 23 bousure have edit the whole Sonisphere Festival show and take the best images and sound from each video to do a mostly proshot concert ...
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BABYMETAL meet Doris Yeh of CHTHONIC now with subtitle

Bassist Doris Yeh of Taiwanese metallers CHTHONIC presented BABYMETAL with red envelopes — monetary gifts symbolizing good luck — before the ...
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BABYMETAL crossing Abbey Road! Just like the Beatles

BABYMETAL: Epic Animated GIFs collection part 4

Here are some of the best BABYMETAL Animated GIFs i’ve find in and around the web. If you are an author of one of these gif, just let me know, ...
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BABYMETAL is doing the news on Swedish TV4

BABYMETAL has appear on the Nyhetsmorgon TV show on TV4 in Sweden. Nyhetsmorgon is a Swedish morning news and talk show that airs every morning ...
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BABYMETAL featured on TBS「News Bird」TV Show

New video of BABYMETAL special feature today on TBS「News Bird」TV Show Also include another video with the minister who in charge of "Cool ...
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Dana (distortion) Yavin: BABYMETAL live in Paris in full HD (photos)

Here is some full size HD photos taken by official BABYMETAL photographer Dana (distortion) Yavin. Warning some of this photos are very big and ...
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Embassy of Japan in the UK: Interview with BABYMETAL

Here is and interview with Japanese "kawaii-metal" pop group BABYMETAL that you can find on Embassy of Japan in the UK. Three young Japanese ...
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Hit The Scene Interview

A nice interview with the girls!
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BABYMETAL’s album: pre-order an encore pressing of the limited edition

Currently on cdjapan you can pre-order an encore pressing of the limited edition of BABYMETAL's album, set for release July 26th! This is an ...
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BABYMETAL LIVE -Sonisphere 2014- Full version HD

OMG, MSDCF0416 have upload the full version of BABYMETAL live Sonisphere on DailyMotion!
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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Tweets About BABYMETAL

The japanese superstar Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has tweet about our dear kawaii metalers today. Here is what shw tweet: I'm listening to the album of ...
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So BABYMETAL made it to the BBC!

Having a teenage "dance and vocal group" on the same bill as Iron Maiden and Metallica might seem like a strange choice. But Japanese band ...
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U-zine have an interview with BABYMETAL!

U-Zine is a french website from France and the guy succeed to get and exclusive interview with BABYMETAL before their La Cigale concert, in Paris, ...
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More videos from Sonisphere and London Forum

Even more BABYMETAL video from Sonisphere and London Forum are still poping everywhere on the web, here is a list of the best vids we have find for ...
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Otaku Nation discuss the London Forum show

Harriett Greene and Aisha Ahmed of the popular podcast OTAKU NATION attended the sell out London Forum show on Monday. You can listen to ...
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BABYMETAL report on japanese morning TV Show

The japanese morning TV show 今朝のエンターテインメント have done this special report on BABYMETAL european tour and they show some ...
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KOBAMETAL: interview with the man behind BABYMETAL

Here is a translation from a Japanese interview with Kobametal, the BABYMETAL producer, from the site Nikkel Trendy, please understand we have ...
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Yoshiki post a pic with BABYMETAL

Yoshiki Hayashi, best known as bandleader and co-founder of the heavy metal band X Japan, for which he is the drummer, pianist and principal ...
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