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BABYMETAL Opening for Lady Gaga in Phoenix: The first videos are coming out!

The fist video from the BABYMETAL opening concert for Lady Gaga in Phoenix are slowly begining to appear on the web here are some coming from ...
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The girls from BABYMETAL are set to wow the Lady Gaga crowds tonight !
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Kikuchi Moa

Kikuchi Moa talk about the Tokyo Idol Festival in her new diary

Today we have this news blog entry from Kikuchi Moa (MoaMetal) translate by the guys at Babymetal 重音部 Original is here:
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BABYMETAL in the running for the J-Rock Radio Award! Go Vote!

It's time to joining forces and vote for our Kawaii soldiers! So, go to the Jrock Radio Award 2104 page and vote for BABYMETAL! http://jro...
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BABYMETAL – Experiencing Their American Debut Concert!

A Los Angeles fan shares his experience of BABYMETAL's American debut concert. By Alex Thompson AKA Agent Piroko With patchy rainclouds ...
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BABYMETAL incident: L.A. City Fire Department confirmed a call for a 15 year-old female

A show review from OC Weekly report on the medical incident concerning a 15 year-old female. In the show review: Babymetal - The Fonda ...
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So here are the most view BABYMETAL video on Youtube, this list come from BABYMETAL WORLDWIDE. 1.- ...
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BABYMETAL girls are ALL ok!!

Firstly this weird screencap appear on Facebook earlier today on BABYMETAL WORLDWIDE (BMWW) After, this more clean version appear online, from ...
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One of the BABYMETAL girls rush to the hospital?

Ray Acuna from BABYMETAL WORLDWIDE GROUP! give us this update about the ambulance that has been seen after the show! Keep refreshing as we ...
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BABYMETAL live at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, USA: The videos

Here are many videos ive find here and there on the web from the last night BABYMETAL concert live at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, USA. K...
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BABYMETAL live at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, USA: The photos

Here are many photos ive find here and there on the web from the last night BABYMETAL concert live at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, USA. ...
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BABYMETAL tonight at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, USA

In the meantime in LA! Keep refreshing this page, as i'll add content all the night. ...
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BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2014 Message to Los Angeles

Finally ! BABYMETAL has just post their new message video dedicated to their US fans with american flags.
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BABYMETAL in the news part 13

BABYMETAL is taking the world by storm right now, they have done a successful European mini tour and now they are ready to invade america as they ...
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BABYMETAL Homage Album Covers 3

More Babymetal homage album covers with the band re-imagined in covers from KISS, Iron Maiden, Motorhead,Anthrax, T Rex, Metallica, The Sex Pistols ...
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MOAMETAL explain the delay on stage during Sonisphere Festival

Monsterpanda from BABYMETAL on Reddit has just post this Moa's diary translation from Sakura Gakuin Diary of Moa on 7/24/2014. Good MorningNig...
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IMPORTANT! TheFineBros need a japanese translator

You should remember this react video, and many of you have discover BABYMETAL via this video! ...
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BABYMETAL at HEAVY MONTRÉAL – Here’s the schedule!!

Here is the schedule for the canadian heavy metal festival HEAVY MONTRÉAL. As you can see, BABYMETAL will start the Heavy Stage day and will ...
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BABYMETAL WIN Metal Hammer Heavy Metal World Cup

Our beloved kawaii metaller have won the Metal Hammer Heavy Metal World Cup and the reactions are just funny! (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs ...
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Ken Tabise reporting from Japan, for BABYMETAL FAN CLUB. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementBy...
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Sakura Gakuin: Yui Mizuno new blog entry

Yui Mizuno (YuiMetal) has just post this new entry on the Sakura Gakuin official blog. As you can see their is a lot of picture from her travel ...
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Huntress enter BABYMETAL craziness

American heavy metal band Huntress is entering the BABYMETAL craziness and publish something on their Facebook page! The band is leaded by ...
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babymetal sonisphere

BABYMETAL – 100% Pure, Raw, No-Apologies Girl Power

A fan in Los Angeles discusses where BABYMETAL comes from and gives us some thoughts and feelings on what they are about. By Alex Thompson AKA ...
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BABYMETAL at Sonisphere, Scuzz Interview

Here is a mini-interview with BABYMETAL on Scuzz TV. Thank you to jse14 from BABYMETAL on reddit
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CARCASS – Jeff Walker and Bill Steer talk about BABYMETAL

Nuclear Blast Records have post on their YouTube channnel this small but funny interview Jeff Walker and Bill Steer from the metal band CARCASS at ...
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babymetal logo

BABYMETAL – Endless Rain (cover of X-Japan)

Here is a bootleg audio version of the X-Japan song Endless Rain (Yamanai Ame) played by at the Budokan concert.
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BABYMETAL featured on Scuzz TV today

British music television channel Scuzz TV will feature BABYMETAL today during a Sonisphere special. The today show will feature artsist such as ...
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BABYMETAL – Guess What Is Inside [English Sub]

BABYMETAL was on a Taiwanese TV show named 完全娯楽 -完全櫻樂 some mouth ago and now we have some parts with english subs. In that TV ...
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BABYMETAL in Sonisphere Festival UK 2014 fan cam Compilation

This guy 23 bousure have edit the whole Sonisphere Festival show and take the best images and sound from each video to do a mostly proshot concert ...
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BABYMETAL meet Doris Yeh of CHTHONIC now with subtitle

Bassist Doris Yeh of Taiwanese metallers CHTHONIC presented BABYMETAL with red envelopes — monetary gifts symbolizing good luck — before the ...
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