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PassCode: a new music video for the song『Nextage』

Here is the PassCode 1st single 『Nextage』 のMV が、ついに解禁!! PassCode is a new kakwaii metal band with 4 young japanese girls ...
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Dom Lawson interview with Hedoban magazine (vol. 5)

The man who runs column on a major paper The Guardian, who is one of main writers of one of the top metal magazines Metal Hammer and who recognized ...
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The BABYMETAL Lightsaber!

A very creative fan has come up with this amazing lightsaber, perfect for the BABYMETAL/Star Wars fan. Complete with BABYMETAL sound effects/...
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Kreator’s Mille Petrozza talk about BABYMETAL

Here is a recent Blabbermouth interview with Mille Petrozza from the legendary german thrash metal band Kreator and he have something to say about ...
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Moa new diary: Aiko and Megu (translation)

[Moa new diary 2014-11-25] Link: Title: Aiko and Megu Good mornooning It's ...
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Kami Band who’s who – Another god of guitar, drum and programmer

Kami Band is a back band for BABYMETAL - its member is a god (Kami) of music summoned by The Fox God stage by stage. All the Kamis might have their ...
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Sakura Gakuin – Tsun Tsun and eye power (finished)

Tsun Tsun and eye power with Sakura Gakuin with English subtitles Tsun Tsun and eye power with Yui-chan and Nene-chan at the 1st Moshi Moshi ...
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Announcement of upcoming NHK Music Japan doc

News of the 12/22 NHK Music Japan doc on Babymetal.
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Babymetal featured on Japanese TV show – Zoom In (English subtitles)

The reasons why Babymetal is so popular overseas is pondered on Japanese TV program Zoom In Saturday. Note: "Kawahage" means a combination of ...
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BM Headbanger

Fujisankei report on the New York show

Short coverage with a nice little interview about the 2014 New York show
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BABYMETAL in London photoset by Ted Jensen

Here is an impressive photoset by Ted Jensen Created with flickr slideshow.
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BABYMETAL – Android Advertising Campaign

BABYMETAL is featured in a new Android advertising campaign in Japan! Watch below the Android commercial video. BABYMETAL at 0:15 http://ww...
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BABYMETAL in the news part 16

BABYMETAL has taken UK last week end with a sold out concert at the O2 Brixton Academy. The purpose of the section is to concentrated all ...
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Summer Sonic 2014 Tokyo − Catch me if you can, Doki Doki Morning [ WOWOW ]

Here is new BABYMETAL live clip from Summer Sonic 2014 Tokyo. Now ont this video broadcast on WOWOW TV Network, the girls are playing the song ...
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“Hedoban” Monster report on the Budokan 2 days

France! Germany! England! And then, Sonisphere! Listen up! …. The “Red night-Black night” are truly Japan's cutting edge Metal --- ...
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What’s up with those spikes-Babymetal Q and A

A short, sweet and yet very fun Q and A. Audio clip.
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675 Shades of Su-Metal – Live! (2011-2014)

Psion001 from BABYMETAL on Reddit has post this awesome Su-Metal photo collection.
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Special graduation interview with Su-metal (Nakamoto Suzuka)

A very special interview with Nakamoto Suzuka carried out by Namba-san and Minewaki-san on March 20, 2013 just prior to her graduation ceremony. ...
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BABYMETAL – The One Live Music Video (DJ Ray MV EDIT)

The always awesome DJ Ray have done thie marvelous unofficial music video for the new BABYMETAL song The One.
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Five moments that differentiated BABYMETAL as what it is today

Prologue: To the Metal Resistance Many reactions, reviews and news have been issued about BABYMETAL. Many of those referred to their forming as ...
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Rumor of the Internet : BABYMETAL, DragonForce and Attack on Titan collaboration

The moment BABYMETAL played the bland-new song «The One», a rumor started to fly over the Internet. It says that the song indecates future ...
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Babymetal’s Japanese 6-string Bassist BOH’s blog entry 2014/11/11

My impressions with Babymetal in New York and London 2014, 11/11 We finished our two additional concerts on the World Tour of New York and ...
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Yui Mizuno new diary 2014-11-11

This Yui Mizuno's diary suppose to be posted before they depart to NYC and London..Before reading, make sure you're ready... . So... which is ...
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Herman Li from DragonForce have a message for us!

Herman Li has just post this statut on Facebook!! You have to know that Dragonforce's Herman Li and Sam Totman are behind the new BABYMETAL song ...
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The brand new BABYMETAL song «The one» – lyrics romanization and translation

The brand new BABYMETAL song was played in their latest UK live at Brixton on 2014.11.8. It is a lyrics translation and romanization by dictation. ...
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BABYMETAL are back to their Japan homeland

BABYMETAL and Kami band member has just post this picture and comment on BABYMETAL official instagram account. We got back to Japan! Thank ...
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BABYMETAL US and UK Hi-Res picture set from Dana (distortion) Yavin

Here are some Hi-res picture set from Dana (distortion) Yavin taken from BABYMETAL concert at The Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC and London’s O2 ...
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BABYMETAL article in J-ENT! November issue

Thank to gosflo on Reddit
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OMG!!!! a new BABYMETAL song at the london concert!!

BABYMETAL has played a brand new song entitled The One at tonight at London's O2 Academy Brixton concert!! A few videos has just appeared on ...
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BABYMETAL live at London’s O2 Brixton Academy: first photos and videos

The firsts photos and videos from the London's O2 Brixton Academy concert start to appear on the web! Keep refreshing as i will update this post ...
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