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Babymetal in Singapore with english sub!

Here is a very good documentary chronicling the BABYMETAL journey in Singapore for the AFA 2012. The AFA 2012 concert is here: ...
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Bubble Dreamer live fan video!

Fan Video of Bubble Dreamer from the Su-Metal Seitansai on December 20 of 2014.
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Kourin and the Nakamoto Suzuka/Su-metal legend

This may help to support the idea that Nakamoto Suzuka actually transforms under the Kourin actions of Kitsune-sama at performances. https://w...
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An interview with Kobametal

A new interview with Kobametal Translation courtesy of Dokoiko via Reddit.   Music-ism #68 : Series The producers #60 : ...
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BABYMETAL Rocks the World – NHK World News

BABYMETAL TV report on NHK World News Air date: 19 January 2015 Original link:
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Babymetal on Japanese TV 2015 with English subs

Very short compilation of 3 Japanese TV shows' coverage of Babymetal's live album-Japan Countdown TV, Countdown TV and Sunday Japon. https:/...
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BABYMETAL live at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City (mutli cam fan video)

BABYMETAL Live at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on November 4, 2014. This is a fan-edit of the entire concert. This film is based on ...
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The Cant of Words from BAW (Part 3)

The Cant of Words Page 3  ふらいんぐぶいのおか  (フライングVの...
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Tower Record President, Minewaki Ikuo speaks passionately about Kikuchi Moa

The President of Tower Records, Minewaki Ikuo-san speaks passionately about Sakura Gakuin's Kikuchi Moa-chan once again! (Complete article/First ...
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BABYMETAL “Legend 2015″ Concert Review (1/10/15)

Here is a nice concert review from Carlor_Stonefist that i've find on BABYMETAL on Reddit, i use this review with the permission of the author. ...
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LEGEND “2015”〜 New Year Fox Festival Japanese TV coverage comp with English subs

A collection of Japanese TV coverage of Babymetal's Saitama Super Arena performance on 2105, January 12th.
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LEGEND “2015”〜 New Year Fox Festival video footage

Here are some BABYMETAL video footage from LEGEND “2015”〜 New Year Fox Festival live at Saitama Super Arena 1/10/2015 on 2 japanese TV Show ...
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LEGEND “2015”〜 New Year Fox Festival 1/10/2015 photos

TOKYO POP LINE has relased this brand new pro shot photo set from last night concert, LEGEND "2015"〜 New Year Fox Festival. HD Version ...
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Sakura Gakuin on Saku Saku 13 10 4

Monorails and blood propelled band-aids are discussed so cutely.
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BABYMETAL LEGEND “2015”〜 New Year Fox Festival main post

The LEGEND "2015"〜 New Year Fox Festival is tonight, january 10, at the Saitama Super Arena and we have the first picture for you.. First of ...
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0024 - 4JtseEb

BABYMETAL : The Cant of Words Part 2 (From the BAW booklet 1) The Cant of Words (Page 2)  ぎゃくだい、...
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BABYMETAL / Sakura Gakuin future concert and media appearances

BABYMETAL and Sakura Gakuin future concert schedule and media appearances information
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BABYMETAL – Road of Resistance FULL on Soundcloud

Carlor_Stonefist on Reddit has just post this link where you can listen to the whole version of BABYMETAL - Road of Resistance https://soundcl...
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BABYMETAL: Kawaii girl Japan outtakes

As the title implies. Very short but fun.
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BABYMETAL New Arrivals on CDJapan

Here some BABYMETAL New Arrivals and merch you can buy on CDJapan. BABYMETAL are featured on many japanese music magazine and you can buy ...
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BABYMETAL – Road of Resistance – Trailer

The new song The one is actually named Road of Resistance and BABYMETAL official channel has just post the trailer !!
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Is BABYMETAL cute? Yeah, of course. Are they metal? Absolutely. I don't think enough people get to see just how viciously, brutally metal ...
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Ayami Mutou’s Kakizome for 2015 with English subtitles

Ayami-chan writes her resolution for this year as her Kaikizome (書き初め)。Pay close attention to her beautiful brushwork. https://w...
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Sakura Gakuin on OMOJAN with English subtitles

Warning: If you enter the Marina-world in this show you may not get out alive.
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MTV will present BABYMETAL LIVE at BUDOKAN on january 31th at 9h30 PM.
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Yui Mizuno new diary: Happy new year

Happy New Year. In 2014, I could have so much precious experience. It was an unforgettable year for me. 2014 was so satisfying year for me ...
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The Cant of Words Part 1 (From the BAW booklet 1)

The Cant of Words The Encyclopedia of Metal ...
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NHK Special: BABYMETAL Phenomenon with english subtitle

TheThrawn on Reddit has just post this english translated version of NHK Special: BABYMETAL Phenomenon.
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20,000,000, this is the number of view on Gimme Chocco video on Youtube.
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Sakura Gakuin on Niconico to promote Heart No Hoshi

Niconico talkshow + Heart No Hoshi Live Sakura Gakuin 2014 + Games? with Okada Megumi, Kurashima Sara, Isono Rinon, Notsu Yunano - [53:49] htt...
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