Babymetal's KobaMetal Speaks
On September 19 & 20, BABYMETAL played their biggest ever shows at the ginormous Tokyo Dome – we were there to catch all the action and even caught up with the brains behind the band, KOBAMETAL. The rock sensations played to two sold-out dates …

Source: Google News

乃木坂46齋藤飛鳥さんらがゆいもあのお風呂ネタに答える(視聴あり)+さくら学院 森萌々穂さん 映画「ぼくのおじさん」 フジテレビ「それでも僕は君が好き」出演
鈴木愛理さんのデジタルラジオ番組「Airi's Potion」で東京ドームの話 &”KARATE”オンエア