BABYMETAL’s T-shirts art designer KAgaMI featured on MdN Magazine November 2016

BABYMETAL's T-shirts art designer KAgaMI was featured in the recent issue of MdN Magazine November 2016. Magazine where Mikiko was featured a few times as well. The feature includes a brief photo session with KAgaMI, part of her incredible portfolio including a couple of BABYMETAL t-shirt designs and finally an interview with her. Check the scans below. 


KAgaMI, BABYMETAL art designer featured in the new issue of MdN Magazine

KAgaMI one of the artists in charge of design BABYMETAL T-shirts was featured and interviewed in the new issue of MdN Magazine November 2016. KAgaMI appeared in the "Creators Works" section with a small photoshoot, part of her portfolio including two BABYMETAL designs. First is featured "Tokyo Dome Memorial" for the BABYMETAL World Tour 2016 Final at Tokyo Dome, and the second is "Ritual" for the BABYMETAL World Tour 2015. 


In addition her works for other projects are featured, lastly there is a page with an interview with KAgaMI where she mentioned BABYMETAL many times. (Translation in progress, please notice). 


Previously in July 2015 was featured BABYMETAL's choreographer Mikiko to talk about the choreographies of the most popular songs of the band, read the interview translated here




Article by: MdN Magazine

Scans by: Rene Colorado