BABYMETAL’s Takayoshi Ohmura new solo album!

Takayoshi Ohmura (BABYMETAL’s Kami band Guitar) solo album “Devils In The Dark -Final Edition-” will be released on January 28th.


“Devils In The Dark -Final Edition-” is the album that is special by adding a live DVD in the “Devils In The Dark” original album, which was announced in December 2012.

Chris Powers (Razer), Russell Allen (Symphony X), Francisco Fareri, with addition of Marty Friedman and Nishiwaki Tatsuya (LIV MOON) are the domestic and foreign artists who are participating.

The DVD is a liveconcert of Omura debut 10th anniversary that was held in Tokyo · SHIBUYA REX in September of this year. The show feature members from BABYMETAL’s Kami Band such as Mikio Fujioka (G / TRICK BOX) and Leda (G / ex. DELUHI).

You can pre-order Devils In The Dark -Final Edition on CDJapan

Takayoshi Ohmura “Devils In The Dark -Final Edition-” songs (guest artist)

01. Never Surrender (Città Thani / Marty Friedman)
02. Wanna Get A Good Love (Chris Powers)
03. Delusional Dreams (Russell Allen / Francisco Fareri)
04. Poison Eyes (AKANE LIV)
05. Trust
06 . The Night Of USA (Chris Powers)
07. Solitary Universe (TOKI / Nishiwaki Tatsuya)
08. Shadows Of Eternity (Chris Powers)
09. Under One Flag (Citta Thani)
10. A Little Song (Nishiwaki Tatsuya) < bonus track> 11. The Night Of USA TOKI Ver.

「The Chronicle of Metal Lovers」
01. Shadows Of Eternity
02. When I Close My Eyes
03. High Works
04. Unite
05. Wanna Get A Good Love
06. Never
07. Poison Eyes
08. Under One Flag
09. Pleasant Surprise
10. Material Tone
11. The Cataclysm
12. Cry For The Faith
13. Rain On Me
14. Nowher To Go
15. Night Of U.S.A.
16. Solitary Universe
17. Tell Me Why
18. Holy Tomorrow
19. Distant Thunder
20. Never Surrender

Live Members: Takayoshi Ohmura (G) / Kuze Atsushi (Vo / Concerto Moon) / Nakaze (G / Fo’xTail) / Shoyo (B / CROSS VEIN) / SHINGO (Dr / SIXX FOURTEEN) / Saki ( Key / Albion)
guest: Fujioka Miki-dai (G / TRICK BOX) / Leda (G / DELUHI) / TOKI (Vo / C4, STEALTH)

Ijime,Dame,Zettai -Nemesis ver - Christopher Amott from Arch Enemy on guitar!
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