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Impressions of Babymetal’s 2015 Germany and UK performances

2015 September 2nd

I have forgotten where the borderline is between my face and my head”

Greetings. This is the prematurely bald Bassist, BOH.

We have now completed the Babymetal World tour 2015 with additional European shows without incident.

To begin with, the 2 shows in Berlin and Frankfurt were truly exciting performances.

From the stage I clearly saw some of the fans who came all the way from Japan to help support the tour taking their place right in the front row.

Whenever I meet Japanese people in foreign countries I feel really happy, but when I meet them and realize they are fans I get an additional burst of happiness coupled with a sense of confidence.

It had been a long time since we did a solo show in Germany and since we have put a fair deal of experience under our belt since the last time, I feel we were able to deliver a powered up version of Babymetal to the fans.

One of the things I personally enjoy outside of the live performances is of course, beer…

I love beer and drink a serving of beer everyday without fail, but German beer is in a class all of its own.

I am fascinated by German beer because there are so many different types of beer and one can taste a wide variety of beers with each locality that you visit.

I truly look forward to visiting Germany again.

We took part in the Reading and Leeds Festival 2015 as well.

It goes without saying that both seeing and participating the Festival were firsts for me.

And what is more is that in spite of it being our first appearance, we played on the main stage.

I am so honored to be able to have such a precious experience.

Even in my dreams I never foresaw that a day would come when I would be performing on this stage.

The entity known as Babymetal has allowed me to realize so many miracles.

My personal motto is to perform with every ounce of energy I can draw upon regardless of where that performance may take place. I try to do my best whether it is a solo show or a Festival.

Now of course this is a matter of course if one is a professional, but in a limited time period it is not so easy to with an average mindset to get every staff member, performer and band member to carry out their various tasks perfectly.

What is more as a performer you must perform with passion while maintaining your calm and ordinary mind while performing in front of thousands or even 10s of thousands of fans.

What I felt in this tour is that “these 3 girls have jumped up to a level of mental power as performers that exceeds where they were before”.

These were performances born out of a very strong base of newly acquired mental power.

I feel that the attraction and charm of Su-metal’s singing comes from her straightforward pronunciation, her expansive tone and very stable sense of rhythm.

With Yuimetal and Moametal it is their precise, skillful dance and ever growing chorus work.

With all this and the additional passion, and desire to deliver the Babymetal experience to the audience this growth in their mental strength gives a huge boost to their live shows.

I feel without doubt that they will continue to show us even greater scenes in the future….

I think that ability of Babymetal to grant us those kinds of expectations is itself on of the reasons they are so able to reach the hearts and minds of so many people.

So there is no way that the Kami band and the staff that assist these 3 girls can slacken off in our efforts for even a second.

All of us are totally devoted to this. Our challenge to this ever growing phenomena will continue on.

What lies ahead for this team and what it can do, and indeed for what only this team can do?

I look forward to sharing many experiences with many fans as we start the Japan tour from this month.

So my post today also kind of took on a serious tone….

Let me finish things off with a short poem.

A cute girl comes up to me

wanting to rub my bald head

and after rubbing my head 2 or 3 times

she wipes off my head oil on her clothes.

OK, so with that I will sign off for today. BOH