The Cant of Words Part 1 (From the BAW booklet 1)

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The Cant of Words

The Encyclopedia of Metal Resistance


Use the words correctly and carry out your missions undercover and in accordance with the divine instructions of Kitsune-sama.
(あ) (Ah) line

A very powerful and gigantic force that skillfully manipulates everything including the “Media”, “Politics” and the “Economy”. All forms of music other than Idol songs are considered to be hazardous, including Metal, and it has stolen the soul of Metallers(??)

Aidorukai no Da-ku hiroin
The dark heroine of the Idol world

This does not mean they are the so-called “bad guys (girls)”, this is a different name given to Babymetal who radiate a completely unique sense of existence in the Idol world wearing a costume coordinated with their theme colors of black and red and possessing a sense of incongruity between their cute visual appearance and their energetic and wild live performances.

Ichigo no yoru
The night of a 15 year old

A brief time that does not come ever again. On December 20th, 2013 a solo live performance, “I,D, Z~Legend ” was held to celebrate Su-metal’s 15th birthday, and this became a Legend known exactly as the words describe, (Ichigo no yoru) “the night of a 15 year old”. In the year that Su-metal was born, 1997, a legendary band that was “without equivalent enemies” brought their activities to a close at the Tokyo Dome around the end of this year, and a teens group that possessed the secondary name of “the Speed King of Okinawa” created a huge trend of excitement in the World of the “Idol”. Even if one feels one has been set a bit free on the “night of a 15 year old” one is not to steal a motorcycle and drive around-Dame, Zettai (It is bad, absolutely so).

ういーあー!! べびーめたる!!
(We are!! Babymetal!!)

This is a call-and-response that is performed at the ending section of each live performance. After Su-metal calls out, “We are!!”, Yuimetal, Moametal and the fans gathered in the concert hall respond with the powerful vocal of “Babymetal!”.

うおーる おぶ です 
(ウオール オブ デス)
The Wall of Death

When the Intro to “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” echoes throughout the concert hall the fans separate into two groups and in unison with Su-metal’s piercing scream they run towards the center of this open space and swirl in a gigantic Mosshusshu. Simultaneous with this on the stage, Yuimetal and Moametal chase each other around the stage at full throttle.


This is the Holy location of the gigantic force, “Idol”. Taking responsibility for cornering Su-metal into a critical and dangerous situation, Yuimeta and Moametal charge in and are transformed into “Black Babymetal”. This is the town where this takes place.

Folding up

This is a Hedoban term that appears in the middle of “Hedobangya!!”. This is a form of headbanging wherein the person bends at the waist to a 90 degree angle and performs Hedoban in a form similar to a bow. It can also be called “Koshiori” (Bent at the waist) Hedoban.

(か) (Ka) line
God(s) descending into a person

Due to the fact that god enters into the members during Babymetal activities, and especially during the times the members are performing on stage, it is reported that they have almost no degree of consciousness. It seems that even after a performance the girls have only partial memories of what took place. In ordinary life as well the girls will suddenly switchover between “times when god has descended into them” and “times when god has not ”.

Kitsune Gakudan
The Fox God band

This refers to an air band that was summoned by the Fox God when “Megitsune” was released and who perform wearing Fox masks and white gowns. This ancient band crossed over Space/Time and danced their way into the present time, transformed a Noh theatre into a live house and their Metal drum kit composed of double bass Japanese drums and their break down revolving around the motif of “Sakura Sakura” played with Shamisen and other Japanese traditonal instruments has caused a huge stir not only in Japan but also to the peoples living in lands on the other sides of the seas outside of Japan.


The Fox God

The Fox God is a “god who rules over Metal” and who gave birth to Babymetal. The prayers of Metal messengers to revive and restore Metal reached the ears of the Fox God and he thus summoned together the 3 girls and gave them the name of Babymetal with the intent and meaning of “giving birth to a new Metal”. The members of Babymetal carry out their activities in accordance with the numerous divine instructions provided by the Fox God. Since the Fox God’s divine instructions come all of a sudden, the members are often without knowledge of what will come as a result of them.

Kitsunesama no mokushiroku
The Apocalypse of the Fox God

The “prophecies” regarding the future activities of Babymetal are all recorded, and the Metal resistance will proceed to unwind in accordance with this Apocalyptic record. Further, the numerous “Legends” that have occurred in the past are also recorded and these serve as historical reference books for Babymetal.

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Spread the resistance!!
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