The One Awakens in NYC

Feature Photo by Phil Dejean

The One Awakens in NYC

BABYMETAL kicks of US tour at PlayStation Theater on May 4th in New York City.

‘May The Fox God Be With You’ poster design by BFC artists JunLin Arts


May 3rd BABYMETALHEAD Meetup @ Karaoke Duet 48The One Awakens in NYC

The One Awakens in NYCA huge shout out to Aldo and Alula for co-hosting the Karaoke night for us all to break the ice.

The One Awakens in NYCThe first 5 Babymetalheads in queue just after midnight following the Karaoke party.

The One Awakens in NYCAlfonso the ‘Kawaii Warrior’ and Natalia the ‘Kami Lady’ making the rounds with the BFC banner.

The One Awakens in NYC
The One Awakens in NYC
The One Awakens in NYC
PlayStation Theater had no idea what to expect from a band led by 3 teenage girls.

While the event staff was poorly organized, Babymetalheads brought it among themselves to get organized, numbering fans hands as they arrive in either VIP or GA lines. With fans lining up as early as midnight on the 4th, this allowed early queuing hardcore Babymetalheads to get food, use the bathroom and mingle with each other and share in their love for the band people travel from all over the world to see.

The One Awakens in NYCThe One Awakens in NYC

“A long time ago in a HEAVY METAL galaxy far far away…”

The One Awakens in NYC
2. Doki Doki Morning
3. YAVA!
4. Awadama Fever
5. GJ!
6. Amore
7. Catch me if you can (with Kami Band solo)
8. Meta Taro
9. Ijime, Dame, Zettai
11. Megitsune
12. Gimme Chocolate!!
13. THE ONE (English ver.)

14. Road of Resistance

The One Awakens in NYCThe PlayStation Theater show has been getting a lot of buzz about the intensity of the crowd. Most of the night the fans on the first level near the stage spent most of the performance battling to stay on their feet. I myself fell twice when 3-4 fans fell backwards, and everyone was so crammed I had tripped over all the feet behind me. Thanks to the fans who had our backs and lifted us back up on our feet before getting trampled. The scene above was taken during Road of Resistance, where it seemed to be a little bit of open room for mosh’shing up. In my personal experience right in the middle before the encore, there was really just waves of bodies pushing one way and the other, so crammed once you put your ‘Kitsune Up’, it became hard to reclaim the space to put your arms back down. The term shoulder-to-shoulder comes to mind, but it was more like shoulder-to-armpit most of the show.

The US tour starter was a great performance, and the crowd was amped up beyond belief. It was an honor to be able to cover this first hand, and met a lot of awesome Babymetalheads. Looking forward to seeing them in Philadelphia on the 7th. Look for Kirbymetal, I will be passing out the remainder of the fan club stickers while supply lasts. Weatherproof Vinyl with never fade UV cured inks, these stickers will last on whatever you put them on.
The One Awakens in NYC




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