BOH’s Blog Update About The US Tour

BOH updated his blog and shared his thoughts about the recent BABYMETAL US Tour. Read our English translation below:

Entry: May 17, 2016
BABYMETAL’s East coast US Tour has finished!!

Hello! This is the bassist who has too much baldness, BOH


After about 2 weeks of touring with all my power, now I am updating this blog with my temporary disguised form!

This time, the show began in New York, then Boston, Philadelphia, Concord, Silver Spring, Detroit, Chicago and Somerset, the Metal Resistance had been successfuly carried out in 6 solo live shows and 2 festivals!

The 2016 World Tour kick-off was quite a challenge, but I am glad we were able to successfully accomplish it without any significant problems.

I was able to receive a lot of great motivation, no matter where the venue was, and also to receive strength from the audience, so now I am able to return home feeling happy.

Especially at the House of Blues, Chicago, while I was performing I felt strongly that BABYMETAL has powered-up multiple times since the first show in this place last tour.

I also saw many dear fans came not only from US or Japan, but from countries all over the world. Every day, I felt nothing but gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the fact that I am able to perform in BABYMETAL who is loved by so many people.

With every opportunity, the bond within the staffs, the Kami-band, the girls and also as a team is getting stronger, and I think we were able to deliver such power to the audience.

I can spend some time in Japan for a while, because the next Europe Tour is in June. We, the Kami-band will put even more spirits into it so that the God of Metal descend to keep up with the ever-evolving three girls \(*`∧´)/

Seiya! Soiya! Keep on fighting! I will keep pressing forward with Japanese pride, the spirit of Samurai, to create the best show!

My endless thanks to you for your support(B・o・H)

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