When YUI meet Ariana

YUIMETAL (Yui Mizuno) make on of her dream come true this week end at the Summer Sonic 2015, she meet her idol Ariana Grande and we have the proof here!

Yui praying for Arianna Grande 🙂

Sakura Gakuin students’ diary Yui Mizuno: Toyosu


Hello, it’s Yui. 🙂
Thank you for coming to the open-class. And thank you for watching the open-class program on NicoNico-douga live streaming.
This time, we had the ‘Study of Calligraphy’. At first, I wanted to show you ‘cheerful Yui’ and deliberately drew funny(?) words. But gradually I felt like to express myself, to show my inner voice…..and finally, I drew the word which has been always in my mind — “Sakura Gakuin”. The class ended so fast, but I could feel the passion of Yano-sensei to the calligraphy.

The calligrph for Yano-sensei must be parallel of Sakura Gakuin for Yui. I felt happy to show you my Tomato-kun, and my passion to Sakura Gakuin. And, we had a release event of ‘Aogeba Tootoshi’ at Lalaport Toyosu. Thank you for coming to see us.


This time again, I made the setlist of the event.
1. Acha! cha! Curry
2. Hirari! Kirakira☆YamiYami Museum
From the opening, Mini-pati appeared! Every time we had an event at Lalaport Toyosu, we had an unveiling of a new song. This time, we unveiled Mini-pati song. How was that?
3. Heart no Hoshi
I hoped to change the atmosphere of the venue into ‘Sakura-color’ fast. So I picked this song which show ‘Sakura Gakuin 2014nendo’ fully.
4. Hello! IVY
In order to foster a sense of unity with Fukei-sans, and also with people who happened to see us casually, I chose this song with a choreo we play together with the audience. I was happy to see someone waved their hands. And the pink flags being waved were a spectacle.
5. Marshmallow irono Kimito
We unveiled Marshmallow at Lalaport Toyosu on 2012nendo. So I picked this song. It’s really wonderful song and I was pleased to play it again.
6. Aogeba Tootoshi
It’s the special-feature in this event. I was very pleased to hear your shout. I hope we could send the charm of this song to many people.
7. Jump up 〜Chiisana Yuuki〜
Last year, we planned release event for Jump up and it was cancelled because of heavy snow. So, as a revenge, I chose this song for the climax of the event. We played the song with thanks…hoping to send the hearts of four 2013nendo graduates to you.

The 1st part was cancelled due to heavy rain. We felt really sorry for letting you wait in cold place in vain. But we could play the 2nd part and I was heartily pleased to see you Fukei-sans♥
(In low voice) Errr…I am looking forward to…seeing you Fukei-sans again…and am happy if…you also feel the same…Thank you for your support★


Yui and Moa on Saku Saku Part 1

Saku Saku with Sakura Gakuin’s Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi with English translations part 1


Yui Mizuno New Diary: Look alike?

Title: Look alike?

It’s Yui.
I know this is sudden, but do you think Yui and Sara look alike!?
OKay, first of all, I show you our photos in various expressions.

We are often said to look alike by other members and teachers. And I agree to it. Not only in facial expressions, but also in our personalities — such as we both can’t express ourselves in public well…lol I sometimes told Sara “We are alike in personality too”♪


The other day, Yui had my hair cut! Then Sara told me “Have you had your hair permed straight?” No way! How can she misunderstand it? lol

Another day, Sara wanted to say ‘No problem’ and said ‘No program’…lol So I told her “It’s wrong. You must say ‘No problem’♪”. A few weeks later, Sara said ‘No proglem’… Close!!! lol
Sara often comes to me and asks advice on dancing or the meaning of lyrics. It’s my pleasure to be a help of hers★ I feel happy to see Sara grow up fast.

We enjoy chit-chats, and talk serious matters. Sometimes Sara consult me on her problems. Once she wrote a letter to me♥ It made me really happy. Thank you, Sara!

When I was young, my adoring graduates had supported Yui. I’m not sure I could have done the same things to Sara…but I think it wonderful that a kouhai having been supported by senpais grow up to be a next senpai who now support next kouhais….don’t you think so?

I am heartily thankful to have been able to join Sakura Gakuin♥
Mizuno Yui, The 3rd Grade of middle school.

Source: Sakura Gakuin on Reddit