Karin Maruyama Loses Lifelong Battle With Cancer

Back in March Pure Idol Heart introduced our readers to a true Idol in every way.

My one regret is that Karin did not cross my path sooner, so I could enjoy her singing longer. Karin suffered from brain and lung cancer and until her final few hours May 22 2015, she dreamed of releasing a second single.

Karin Maruyama (August 2, 1993 – May 22, 2015)
Karin Maruyama (August 2, 1993 – May 22, 2015)

According to her mother, Karin went peaceful at 13:10 JST.

For a few weeks Karin had been making these short 1-2 minute soliloquy videos, smiling as best as she could to encourage fans. I believe in some ways Karin gave her fans strength as much as fans gave her.

Eternal Summer / Karin Maruyama
Karin Maruyama

Today`s post is about remembering a true Idol who only wished to entertain fans as best as she could.

Karin was the living spirit of an Idol, between her stays in the hospital she danced and performed as many lives as she was well enough to do. When her health took a turn, Karin shifted to sitting always smiling, always giving her best.

Although Karin was an Idol for a very short time, she was a true Idol to the very end.
Karin`s final soliloquy a few hours before her death.

Karin doing a live for her single. After this live she signed items for 2hrs to thank her fans for coming.

One of Pure Idol Heart readers on Facebook posted this MV in remembrance of Karin, we have decided to add it to this article as the readers of this website way of remembering Karin

Karin Maruyama : The Eternal Idol on the Stairway of Dreams

This might be the first time that your hearing the name Karin Maruyama and if that is the case ,then I am about to introduce you to a most special Idol.

Karin Maruyama

Karin was born in 1993 in Fukushima Prefecture and she goes by the nickname Rin-chan and made her debut in 2012.

Rin-chan is someone that I regard as a most special and true Idol ,because in her short career she had to stop her activities and restart her activities many times because Rin-chan has a brain tumor.

She has not let her health stop her as she has held several solo lives and has recorded her own original song CD that was crowd-funded.

Eternal Summer / Karin Maruyama
Karin Maruyama

The first thing you notice about Rin-chan is that her smile is heart capturing and no matter how difficult the day maybe for her ,she performs with all her best and gives her fans her beautiful voice and smile and the fans give their best back to her to help her gain strength.

Watching Rin-chan perform is like watching something more than just a live ,you’re watching an Idol in the truest definition , a moment in time that you will always remember ,because her charm and smile washes over you and creates a beautiful and lasting memory.


Karin Maruyama is a true Idol in every way and for the members of this web site and her fans ,she will always be an Idol we wish the best for and keep supporting.

On Feb 7th Karin held a live in Tokyo ,it was her first live in 5 months. She was not able to dance as she was weak from her health. Karin had been in the hospital that morning as the cancer had reached her lungs. However Karin gave no thought to not seeing her fans this night ,as she has put it ,she is on the “Stairway to Dream”.

Source: Pure Idol Heart