New BOH Blog: BABYMETAL’s 2015 world tour impression

Is everyone in a good mood? This is your esteemed bald boy, BOHヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ

BABYMETAL’s 2015 world tour finally ended at Makuhari Messe.

There will be additional shows in Germany and England in August, but it’s over for now. I’d like to go to a relaxing onsen, but I can’t relax because my schedule is packed with other events. Losing my desire to relax too much is like my hair loss <- intense lol Snap2

Well, this time, we were squished between Mexico, the US, and Canada, and the Metrock Festival on our way back to Japan, and ended our tour storming through Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Makuhari Messe. Wherever we played, the audience spread its joy to us and felt BABYMETAL’s intensity again. There were countries and towns I went to for the first time, and I loved this fun foreign tour where I could experience each country’s culture and excitement. We’re getting famous fast and we won prizes from famous foreign magazines like Kerrang and MetalHammer, and for me to be involved in this impossibly-strong project that is BABYMETAL is an extremely valuable experience that is difficult to replace.

We played solo shows, of course, and the big foreign festivals we played for the first time and their news coverage went well, and we finished by creating a strong impression and leaving a major impact. This kind of thing is really amazing, and must often balance endurance, determination, will-power, sticking together, and perseverance.
Last time, I wrote on BABYMETAL’s blog. I have nothing but the utmost respect for SU-METAL, YUI-MEtal, and MOAMETAL who are always growing, and always take on every challenge with honesty and sincerity.

Because I won’t write about what the three girls do off-stage, I’m keeping it brief, but their “artistic powers” are steadily becoming stronger!! Yesterday’s Makuhari concert was especially amazing and what I felt was a “flickering destructive power,” meant in a good way. One star collided with another, and the moment a new star was born, it created the impression of something more powerful. Our Kami band performance is also inspired by you three, and I think it was our most on-point until now.

Like everyone, I get nervous before playing live, but on this tour, there was a strong feeling we “would do” more than that. And throughout the tour, our team’s bonds became stronger, and we can take on the challenge on stage, while we can proudly show off our feelings of joy and reliance on each other.

The Kami band is indispensible for BABYMETAL’s existence. People also tell me the Kami band is just support. I’ve also come across these opinions, but we do not accept this point of view. In any case, there is no difference between what we do for a good performance!! The girls are shining more and more, and what should we play? That is the number one thing we think about and challenges us on stage. Until now and from now on, these thoughts have not wavered from us or our staff. When I went to Tokyo, I didn’t go there to start a band. I had the goal of becoming a first-rate session musician. Because I took pride in support work, I didn’t care whether I was in a band or not.


But either way, no matter what you do, it is important to pursue a team with strong bonds and people with whom you can produce entertainment to elevate things further.
The same is true outside of BABYMETAL, no matter how big things are, don’t cut corners and challenge your soul.

Because I get to participate in work where we inspire other people’s hearts, my duty, most of all, is to experience the feelings of gratitude I receive from fans. This is my weapon.
Still, as BABYMETAL’s popularity increases, there are also a lot of negative opinions. But more than those opinions, it is more important to concentrate on the happiness fans give you from their hearts, and that “you’re doing a job where you’re giving more and more people joy.”

Our team BABYMETAL is doing something new that has never been done until now.Dismissals like “Idols with a metal backing band” do not represent what we do on stage.
And the number of fans who enjoy us and give us their support from all over the world continues to grow and at unimaginable speed.

The amazement that we can share this miracle with so many people… priceless. Great writers write great songs, and they are songs that resound in SU-METAL’s heart and in YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL dancing. And the Kami band is devoted to letting this shine, and receives support from the staff and from KOBAMETAL who puts everything together. And most of all, all the mates who sincerely enjoy themselves and honestly power us up, and always feel that burning passion in their chest. I think the team is all of us.

No doubt, We are BABYMETAL(o)乂(-^) I cannot contain my joy about this being true. It was announced at Makuhari, but we’ll be playing more shows in Japan in September.
What sort of things are people going to see? What kind of space are we going to create with everyone? The fun stops from now on. I hope we can make even greater strides.


P.S.: Thank you for the many recent Facebook friend requests from Japan and abroad, but I only use Facebook for close friends, family, and acquaintances. Please understand, because I don’t even have plans to make a page for me as an artist.

Well then, these are simple ramblings, but thank you for reading this, everybody.

Translation : american_daimyo on Reddit

Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150320 Moa Kikuchi: Senpai

Good mornooning♥ It’s Moa. 🙂

My last open-class ended. I feel somewhat hurt inside. In the class ‘Archaeology of Songs’, each member pick a song, study about the song by herself, present any findings and lastly, sing the song a cappella!!

I had prepared my presentation while visualizing what I hope to send to you. So, I could make my presentation looking at your face closely.
If you got what Moa wanted to send — even a little bit of it — I am happy♥♥ I believe my kouhais got it!!
And, Moa will treasure what I’ve got from kouhais forever. Thank you so much♥ 🙂
As of my singing a cappella….

I suddenly became really nervous, and started singing to find myself a bit off-key. I gradually adjusted and could sing exhilaratingly. But it was not a satisfactory performance. I felt frustrated thinking ‘Oh, If I could have sung once more, I surely could have sung better…’ But I know it’s an afterthought.
We have only one chance to play in each open-class. We can’t play one concert again! I realized again the importance of doing my very best with strong will in each single occasion, If I don’t want to feel unsatisfactory. Every one of members felt that, didn’t you? In the last two chances to play, let’s do our best and show everything we’ve learned till now!! Let’s send our whole hearts♥

【Kikuchi Moa and Muto Ayami】
【Kikuchi Moa and Muto Ayami December, 2010’】

Today, I want to write about my three senpais, three former presidents of student council, who taught important things to Moa and current members.
✿Muto Ayami-chan (‘One-tan’) 【=’Big Sis’. It’s not usually used saying. Usually, we say ‘Onee-chan’ and its broken form ‘Onee-tan’. ‘One-tan’ is still more broken, and thus has more intimate feeling. Please read it like the first 2 syllables of ‘honest’+’tan’】

She has been always walking one or two steps (or more?) ahead of Moa, and has kept paving the way for kouhais. She is a hard worker, putting her all into her work. I can’t help but respect One-tan.

‘Enjoy yourself from your heart, that surely will make fans enjoy the show’, One-tan told us several times. One-tan put much love in her doing and made us delighted♥ She is so short, and so energetic!! Regulations or customs can’t stop her doing more than desired. Her sending MUCH LOVE to fans make Moa think it important to put love in my doing♪
✿Nakamoto Suzuka-chan (Suu-chan)

【Kikuchi Moa and Nakamoto Suzuka】
【Kikuchi Moa and Nakamoto Suzuka April, 2012】

Suu-chan is Moa’s comrade. A fellow-fighter always being next to me!!!
After the Festival of 2014nendo, Moa had a serious problem. Suu-chan, as the president, had have the same problem and told me her thought and feeling at that time. That gave me power. It’s hard to stick to the ideal, and such attitude sometimes is not accepted. But, in the end, everything changes into good memories. So, take it easy and do what you think the best. Such words of Suu-chan made me relaxed — ‘Suu-chan also had the problem’♥
And Suu-chan also taught me the importance to send a song with heart♫
✿Horiuchi Marina-chan (Marina-chan, or Marippe)

Horiuchi Marina and Kikuchi
【Horiuchi Marina and Kikuchi Moa February, 2012】

Marina-chan is a bosom friend of Moa.
We are not of an age, but we are alike in way of thinking or taste, and have been having a LOT of talk. ‘Ideal and reality’, ‘What we want to send’, our dreams, anime things, and so on. We can talk on anything. We can share sadness and joy. By talking to Marina-chan, I feel as if a cloudy sky is cleared up! It’s fun! At first, Marina-chan was quiet. But she tried to express herself in order to send the importance of kizuna【bond】. Such Marina-chan was so adorable♥ We are talking that we hope to do something together and send ‘glitter’ one day…..I believe it surely will come true♪

This time, I’ve wrote about former presidents only. But also other graduates sent us several things. We appriciate everything senpais have left for us and will complete our Sakura Gakuin!!
Of course I love graduates, but current Sakura Gakuin is more important for Moa. Let’s show 10 of us is the very best♪
I just hope to send you — Sakura Gakuin NOW!

Source:, Translation : Sakura Gakuin on Reddit


Sakura Gakuin students’ diary Yui Mizuno: Toyosu


Hello, it’s Yui. 🙂
Thank you for coming to the open-class. And thank you for watching the open-class program on NicoNico-douga live streaming.
This time, we had the ‘Study of Calligraphy’. At first, I wanted to show you ‘cheerful Yui’ and deliberately drew funny(?) words. But gradually I felt like to express myself, to show my inner voice…..and finally, I drew the word which has been always in my mind — “Sakura Gakuin”. The class ended so fast, but I could feel the passion of Yano-sensei to the calligraphy.

The calligrph for Yano-sensei must be parallel of Sakura Gakuin for Yui. I felt happy to show you my Tomato-kun, and my passion to Sakura Gakuin. And, we had a release event of ‘Aogeba Tootoshi’ at Lalaport Toyosu. Thank you for coming to see us.


This time again, I made the setlist of the event.
1. Acha! cha! Curry
2. Hirari! Kirakira☆YamiYami Museum
From the opening, Mini-pati appeared! Every time we had an event at Lalaport Toyosu, we had an unveiling of a new song. This time, we unveiled Mini-pati song. How was that?
3. Heart no Hoshi
I hoped to change the atmosphere of the venue into ‘Sakura-color’ fast. So I picked this song which show ‘Sakura Gakuin 2014nendo’ fully.
4. Hello! IVY
In order to foster a sense of unity with Fukei-sans, and also with people who happened to see us casually, I chose this song with a choreo we play together with the audience. I was happy to see someone waved their hands. And the pink flags being waved were a spectacle.
5. Marshmallow irono Kimito
We unveiled Marshmallow at Lalaport Toyosu on 2012nendo. So I picked this song. It’s really wonderful song and I was pleased to play it again.
6. Aogeba Tootoshi
It’s the special-feature in this event. I was very pleased to hear your shout. I hope we could send the charm of this song to many people.
7. Jump up 〜Chiisana Yuuki〜
Last year, we planned release event for Jump up and it was cancelled because of heavy snow. So, as a revenge, I chose this song for the climax of the event. We played the song with thanks…hoping to send the hearts of four 2013nendo graduates to you.

The 1st part was cancelled due to heavy rain. We felt really sorry for letting you wait in cold place in vain. But we could play the 2nd part and I was heartily pleased to see you Fukei-sans♥
(In low voice) Errr…I am looking forward to…seeing you Fukei-sans again…and am happy if…you also feel the same…Thank you for your support★


Sakura Gakuin: ★New Diary★ SG students’ diary 20150301 Moa Kikuchi

Title: My Hobby

Good Mornooning♥ It’s Moa. 🙂

When I read books, or when I study something, I sometimes stumble into an unknown word or find a meaning of a word uncertain. At the time, I used to ask my mom the meaning of the word. And then, my mom always tell me “Consult a dictionary!” So, in these days, I try to consult a dictionary or an electronic-dictionary. When I was younger, I had been yearning the 1st President of student council Ayami-chan who had carried an electronic-dictionary with her. And I got my electronic-dictionary as a gift when I entered junior-high school♪

Moa Kikuchi

At first, I was very happy to have it and often consulted it. But at the time I turned 2nd grade, I came to scarcely consult it.
Nowadays, I strive to consult dictionaries and happened to know something new, or to notice my misunderstanding!
Well, Moa had been wondering how to say when I was asked “What is your hobby?”… What is a “Hobby”?!?!?!

I knew the vague meaning of “Hobby”. I understood it means something I love. But, there are so many things I love!? If I had to say everything I love, it would make very long list…
Can I say it my hobby to appriciate kawaiiness of girls? How about watching anime? eating? sleeping? playing a guitar? I also love to watch movies!!
What is the difference between “My hobby” and “What I’m into now”?
So, I consulted my dictionary for the meaning of “Hobby”.

an activity pursued repeatedly and habitually for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.
a sentiment or artistic charm of something.

【Moa is consulting Japanese dictionary for the meaning of “趣味Shumi”. The word “Shumi” itself is almost always converted into “Hobby”. But “Shumi” and “Hobby” are not the same word. In some context, “Shumi” will be translated into “Taste” or something】

When I am asked “What is your hobby?”, the meaning of that hobby should be #1. So, “My hobby” can’t be my occupation…then, can’t I say “My hobby is to work!!”?
Repeatedly or habitually? Hmmm… I love to watch movies but I don’t watch them so often. Also, I can’t play ‘Suku-Fesu’【game ‘LoveLIVE! School Idol Festival’】everyday. ‘Something pursued habitually’… hard to think out!

Moa Kikuchi

OKay, ‘what I’m doing repeatedly and habitually for pleasure’ are…
・To eat ・To listen to music ・to brush my teeth That’s all.
Oh!! besides, I look at girl-figures(dolls) everyday. I never miss to do it♫ Having delicious food make me happy. Music is always with me and give me power! I brush my teeth at least 4 times a day, for a long stretch of time!

When I was a child, I was into animal-dolls named ‘Sylvanian Families’ and I used to play with them.【official catalogue[2] 】I also loved Licca-chan dolls. As I grew older, my belongings piled up in my room, and I had to let them go with a few exceptions…

Because of LoveLive booming in me, I ended up being into girl-figures again! Getting some figures as a present made me fired up! Small figures are super kawaii in their small stature!! ♥♥
And bigger ones…..I hold them and enjoy low-angle views, or appriciate their detail from several angles. Sometimes I have fun letting them move, turning around or looking back…♥ My parents look at me playing and give a sigh “Oh, dear! What are you doing?” 😀
Fukei-sans, do you have any strange hobbies?!?!?!

Source:, Sakura Gakuin on Reddit


Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150222 Yui Mizuno

Title: Kurage-hime

Hello☆ It’s Yui 🙂

The other day, I had a date with Rinon.
We watched the movie “Kurage-hime”!! 【”Princess Jellyfish” Summary of original comic on wiki

Kurage-hime trailer

As Rinon said on LoGiRL, Yui and Rinon never miss to watch movies together, in which our adoring Nounen Rena-chan play the leading part♡♡ We had been longing to watch ‘Kurage-hime’ together since we heard Nounen Rena-chan play in the movie, and finally, our hope came true♪

Yui Mizuno Rinon Isono

In the movie, there were many eccentric otaku-characters and it was so fun. The movie described that something which can’t be fulfilled by a person might be come true by joining forces of many people!! Yui felt it wonderful after all to make efforts for a goal together, with trusting each other. And I felt happy to think that is exactly what we Sakura Girls were just trying✿
And two of us bought Kurage-hime goods, then went to an all-you-can-eat buffet. We had a lot. talked a lot, and stuffed ourselves. 😀

Hot Road trailer

In this school year, Yui and Rinon also went to watch the movie ‘Hot Road’. Joining Hana, three of us went to an amusement park, or ate together so many times. (there has been too many times to mention each one of them lol). Once we even ate together for three days in a row♥ lol

I think I had dates with Rinon the most in this school year.
Rinon, let’s have a movie-date again♥


Answer letter from Suzuka Nakamoto and more on her photobook (translation)

Hi. This is the letter from Suzuka. It’s a Touji letter to everyone.
My three years in Jr. High have been immersed in Sakura Gakuin. Since I had to come from Hiroshima in the first two years, I did independent trainings at home by myself, and repeated to get on the first one (train or airplane, unclear) and to get on the last airplane to go home. However, since I moved to Tokyo I couldn’t wait to see you after school. Though Sakura Gakuin members come from different schools and vary in grades, I’ve learned a lot from your hard working attitudes to your dreams regardless of age. We have talked a lot, been troubled and supported each other. I’m glad to find the new aspects of each member.


In the lessons before recordings, we read lyrics out loud every time and thought about the meanings of lyrics. Some of you researched in difficult words and phrases. Before lives, we thought what messages we should send to fukei-san and repeated rehearsals checking the song orders and lyrics. As sometimes I failed and got scolded, the teachers have always listened to my opinions carefully and thought about them together. All fukei-san have watched us with kindness and warm hearts every time. The three graduates have kept an eye on me with smiles on the wallpaper of my cell phone. Thanks to all of them, I was able to take steps forward with confidence at any time, even though I was the lone Jr. High 3rd grader this year. Thank you very much. As I love singing since I was little, Sakura Gakuin taught me the pleasure of singing much more. Through the Sakura Gakuin club activity, I had a lot of experience and met so many people.


I realized that “Music” has a variety of worlds, and learned songs could be a way to communicate with an unspecified large number of people and connect people regardless of distance. That deepened my interest and affection to singing more. My dream is to be a singer. I’d like to learn lots more and make challenges. My goal is to become a singer who can send the world only Nakamoto Suzuka can describe and the messages only Nakamoto Suzuka can dispatch to all over the world. To achieve that, lots of things would be awaiting which I need to learn and make effort to. I feel that the three years we’ve spent with smiles and the songs of Sakura Gakuin would push me forward whatever happens in the future. I’ll do my best for my dreams.
Ambitions for Jr. High school, 6th graders
When I become a Jr. High student , Isono Rinon
It’s been one and a half year since Rinon was transferred in the summer of 2011. Rinon becomes a Jr. High student soon. I’ve relied on Jr. High members all the time. Though…I thought I should become a respectable senpai when Ayami-chan, Ayaka-chan and Airi-chan graduated in March, and Yunano-chan, Saki-chan, Mariri-chan were transferred in April, I think I haven’t been reliable at all. (cry) I’d like to become a respectable senpai this time. To be honest, I’m worried if I could become a respectable senpai. Nevertheless I’ll make effort.

I aim to become a reliable senpai who is caring in some cases and strict in some cases, like Yui &Moa who taught me choreography and others kindly, and Hana who was transferred with me and is a year elder. Although Rinon feels sad for graduating from elementary class and changing my ribbon to necktie, Rinon would like to become a kind senpai while holding Rinon’s individuality. I’ll….keep on growing a lot.
The things to make effort to in Jr. High school , Ooga Saki
I’ve had some hard times this year but I’ve never thought of giving up Sakura. It’s been a really happy year filled with a series of exciting and thrilling moments. Since Saki started Sakura Gakuin activity just after joining Amuse, I think I’ve been lacking of experience and have bothered teachers and members. So I’d like to become responsible for my own affairs in Jr. High school. I’d also like to improve my singing as I was full of dancing and talking so far.

I had troubles on recordings, but my passion for brushing up my singing grew bigger each time I finished a song. I’d like to sing solo parts with confidence like Su-chan someday. I’d also like to challenge a club activity where Saki can show my color outside of Sakura. I’ll try harder to achieve my goals.

The first questionnaire in Sakura Gakuin, April 2010
Name: Nakamoto Suzuka(12 years old)
Q: Nickname: I’m called Su-chan
Q: Charm point: big ears, hearing well
Q: Hobby: to collect Suzy’s Zoo goods
Q: Special skill: I was said I learn songs quickly
Q: Favorite food: cheese cake, okonomiyaki
Q: Favorite color: white
Q: Favorite phrase: snail, climb Mt.Fuji without a rest
Q: Describe members’ characters in a word
Ayami: leader, leading everyone briskly
Ayaka: elder sister, noticing slight differences and supporting
Airi: calm and relaxed, peaceful
Suzuka: umm…freedom, can’t grasp by myself
Marina: healing, soft and frivolous
Raura: cool and cute, with it girl
Nene: funny, never bored to be with and natural comedian
Hinata: energetic, brightening surroundings
Q: What’s the charm of Sakura Gakuin?
unique members getting together
Q: What are you into recently?
to collect color pens
Q: What was the happiest event recently?
I got a lot of new friends in Jr.High.
Q: What made you laugh recently?
A fuel efficiency girl Heidi movie. [3]
Q: What is the source of your energy?
I eat an umeboshi everyday recently!!
Q: What’s your dream?
To become a singer and concert in Budokan!
Q: Message for fans
Thank you for always supporting me. I’ll try my best to challenge more activities! Thanks for your continuous support.

Bonus info:
1) Suzuka had an event in which she wrote her autograph on the photobooks and handed them out directly to the purchasers when it was published.
2) The talk event at Tower Records will be held this year.[5] Actually it was scheduled for the last year as well. Unfortunately, Tokyo had a record-breaking heavy snow fall on that day and the event was cancelled. The graduates of 2013nendo (Marina, Raura, Nene, Hinata) were popular enough to draw crowds, of course.

Source: YM-Japan from Sakura Gakuin on Reddit

Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150217 Moa Kikuchi


Title: JaJaJah〜n! 【=Ta-dah!】

Good mornooning❤ It’s Moa.
This year’s our first show “The Road to Graduation 2014 〜Happy Valentine〜” ended. Thank you very much for coming!!
I know there are many people who wanted to come but unfortunately couldn’t…..we always play each one of shows imagining every Fukei-sans were with us. Our days in 2014nendo are numbered and I hope we can make our hearts into one in the remaining days!

There was a merch of the concert “Turning into a club-member” photo-set. At the shooting of th photo-set, we Sakura members were all hyped. Because…..oh, can’t you see the reason?? It’s too apparent! We could wear the club-costume which we usually can’t wear, and we could play a role of a club-member we don’t belong to♪♫

We didn’t know who plays which club member untill the morning of the shooting. We knew it seeing a script when we enterd the shooting studio. We could play our role in all seriousness and it was so fun♥❤

Moa played not only a club member but also…Mori-sensei!
Fukei-sans, did you guess correctly who played Mori-sensei’s role? 【On the official Sakura Gakuin web site, the sample photo of the merch was pixelized and we couldn’t see who played which role untill the day of the concert】

For those who have not seen the photo-set, I show you my personal snapshot!!!!!!

It’s not MOri-sensei, But MOa-sensei!! 😀
Hehehe❤ Looks like him? 😀
Sakura members praised me saying ‘A dead ringer!!’♫
Cherish students the most☆ It was Moa.

Source: Reddit

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02 - mHNJfm3

03 - CUfHE6T

04 - 2pNBCAq

05 - 8gOkics

06 - 4Cv4Isi

07 - 0no1u4r

08 - L770jhP

09 - IDlja3I

10 - IGJq1xt

11 - d3jAfJN

Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150213 Moa Kikuchi

Title: Hairstyle

❤Ufufu…♥❤It’s Moa…ufufu♥❤….ufufufufu♥❤♥ 【onomatopoeia for giggling. hehehe?】


I had a happy moment…but I suspect I can announce it now. So, for now, I just tell you it was so fun. lol
Let me see…..How many more times can I write this diary?!

I have a lot to tell you. But I think I can’t write everything till my graduation. The more I write, the more I want to tell you, I want to send you, I want to let you know.
I don’t know how many more times I can write this diary, but I want to send as far as I can. Please bear with me❤
Please look this photo.
How do you think about her??

When a hairstylist set my hair in this style, I thought “Wow! Now I look like Airi-chan♥” 【Suzuki Airi of C-ute】
I’m sorry for it, to fans of Airi-chan.

But…in this hairstyle, I thought I look alike Airi-chan a little, and it made me happy♥ Please forgive me for enjoying this small happiness!
To be honest, I would like to show you Moa in this hairstyle at a stage of Sakura Gakuin. But, our hairstyles are basically decided by our teachers for us!! We dance wildly at the stage and our hairstyle must be easy to dance with. But, I think this hairstyle is not bad for dancing. Dear teachers, please put it into one of possible hairstyles of me for a concert.
I hope it will come true till my graduation.

Girls want to have their hair in cute, their favorite styles!! Female Fukei-sans can understand my feeling, can’t you? I just love cute things. I love being cute♥♥
I watched a TV commercial of ‘XY’ in which Hirose Suzu-chan (the following poster girl of XY after Matsui Airi-chan) is crying. Crying Suzu-chan made my eyes ♥heart-shaped♥. Too cute! After all, I just feel happy to see her kawaii-ness!

【XY is a wedding-information magazine. The crying-Suzu CM [2] 】
I also love to see Hirose Suzu-chan on drama ‘Gakkou no Kaidan’【Stairs of a school】every week♥
I usually can’t watch the programs in real time. But I never miss to record and watch them♪
As the same president of student council,【Hirose Suzu play an act of the president of student council on the drama】, I watch the drama thinking ‘If I were her”–how I can persuade teachers or other students to do something, how I can climb a step to improve our school. ….And how I can send what I want to send in the last two months. I will try my best!!
Someone may think Moa being so naive that dramas or animes made me move deeply. BUT! The cute things are cute♥ Having fun is fun!!! I love to see my loving things♥ My favorite things give me power!!

I can’t dislike such naive, pure and simple me. I want to be such Moa forever♥ For sure, I also love merry, funny things!!! I want to show you many kind of expressions of me♪♫
Drive yourself forward without fear, Moa!!!

P.S. I also love to eat, as always. I will eat without fear. lol

★New Diary★ SG students' diary 20150213 Moa

Source: Sakura Gakuin on Reddit,

Yui Mizuno New Diary: Look alike?

Title: Look alike?

It’s Yui.
I know this is sudden, but do you think Yui and Sara look alike!?
OKay, first of all, I show you our photos in various expressions.

We are often said to look alike by other members and teachers. And I agree to it. Not only in facial expressions, but also in our personalities — such as we both can’t express ourselves in public well…lol I sometimes told Sara “We are alike in personality too”♪


The other day, Yui had my hair cut! Then Sara told me “Have you had your hair permed straight?” No way! How can she misunderstand it? lol

Another day, Sara wanted to say ‘No problem’ and said ‘No program’…lol So I told her “It’s wrong. You must say ‘No problem’♪”. A few weeks later, Sara said ‘No proglem’… Close!!! lol
Sara often comes to me and asks advice on dancing or the meaning of lyrics. It’s my pleasure to be a help of hers★ I feel happy to see Sara grow up fast.

We enjoy chit-chats, and talk serious matters. Sometimes Sara consult me on her problems. Once she wrote a letter to me♥ It made me really happy. Thank you, Sara!

When I was young, my adoring graduates had supported Yui. I’m not sure I could have done the same things to Sara…but I think it wonderful that a kouhai having been supported by senpais grow up to be a next senpai who now support next kouhais….don’t you think so?

I am heartily thankful to have been able to join Sakura Gakuin♥
Mizuno Yui, The 3rd Grade of middle school.

Source: Sakura Gakuin on Reddit


Moa new diary: Aiko and Megu (translation)

[Moa new diary 2014-11-25]


Title: Aiko and Megu

Good mornooning It’s Moa.
We came back safely to Japan finishing New York and London concerts!!
This time again, Moa could have wonderful times. I’m very thankful for everything
While we went to extracurricullar activity, there were a three-day weekend in Japan. And unusually, there were no Sakura activity in the weekend. So, Sakura members could have time to do something they wanted, or could have rest. Good for them! Moa feels we need some me-time — playing with friends, doing hobbies, studying and doing nothing but rest — to improve ourselves!!
THEREFORE…Please give us some holidays again. lol


Well, this time Moa write about Aiko & Megu!!
Like MoaYui in Sakura Gakuin, or Yuimetal & Moametal in BABYMETAL, Aiko and Megu sometimes are grouped into one pair.

Moa and Yui joined Sakura at the same time and are the same age. So, we have been looked as a pair or have been compared our differences so often. Moa sometimes wondered why so many people didn’t look Moa as a single person. Moa hated to be regarded as a pair when Moa was 1st grade in middle school and said by teachers and a make-up artist to be “chuunibyou”. lol

【Chuunibyou (中二病), or “Middle-school 2nd Year Syndrome”, is a colloquial and rather derisive term in Japan which describes a person at the age of fourteen would either act like a know-it-all adult, or thinks they have special powers no one else has. Some would even go as far as being obnoxious, arrogant, and often look down on adults or older people. This way of thinking or acting is mostly seen in teenagers during adolescence, however there are people who still act like this even after reaching adulthood.
Chuunibyou uses the word “病” for “syndrome” or “disease” but it does not actually relate to any medical condition or mental disorder. It can also be written as 厨二病 in Japanese, where “厨” means “-fag” in net slang. In English it is often abbreviated as chuu2. (– from pixiv dictionary)】

Aiko and Megu are not in the state of chuunibyou yet. They make a lot of noise and have many quarrels — how vigorous and boisterous they are!

Moa also had been said by elder members “Moa is so vigourous♪” or “Moa, you are really free spirit♫”. But, Moa feel they have more energy than Moa had in those days!!

Both Aiko and Megu are smart. They are good in study in school. And , if you look at them one by one, their personalities are different.
Aiko is straightforward, and is like a cute puppy Megu is generous and easygoing.
But, when they are together, Moa feels they are similar in many characters. It’s mysterious!!


Aiko joined Sakura one year earlier than Megu. And Aiko ‘put on a senpai-air’ to Megu【means Aiko act like a senpai–like a boss】. Aiko put on a senpai-air even to Sara –Sara is a year older than Aiko! lol Aiko is very willing to teach something to kouhais(=juniors, in this context, members who joined Sakura later). It’s fun to see ‘Teacher Aiko’ make a mistake or, try to teach but Aiko herself can’t do it.
Most of Sakura girls have similar experiences (try to teach and fail. or vice versa) and seeing such Aiko make us smile. Aiko is faithful. Aiko comes all the way from Kagoshima and it must be very tough, but she is always positive and cheerful. And Moa love Aiko sing!! I’m really looking forward to seeing Aiko’s improvement♫

Megu changes completely on the stage!! Megu can sense what is expected from her and can respond quickly.
The other day, Megu sent Moa an E-mail. It said “Moa-chan, do you have anything you can’t do well and don’t know what to do?” When Moa was in elementary school, there was nothing which bother me as for the Sakura works. Moa had been acting as Moa liked, wondering nothing, just enjoying the works. But Megu is already thinking more than just enjoying herself!! Megu is thinkng how to send our love to Fukei-sans In the E-mail, Megu also said, “Megu is likely to be too greedy on the stage…How can I act more naturally”
…OMG, Megu is extraoridinary!! Moa respect Megu who can think over and can point out her problem by herself
Moa replied to the E-mail “While Megu is in elementary school, you can enjoy yourself freely! But Megu is thinking how to improve yourself. Well done Megu” Megu is full of spirit to entertain people and try to do very best on the stage. How adorable Megu is!


On open school events the other day, in which Aiko and Megu were separated to other class. And Aiko said “Without Megu, I feel something is missing…” Soooo cute Aiko is!! They are a pair after all!!
♪The two of us have the faces of rivals and close friends♪
Aiko and Megu…they are in really good relations, Moa think
Maybe, they will grow up bigger than MoaYui. (or already they are?)

Now, Moa think of the name of the (would be)unit!

Aiko愛子 and Megumi愛 make “Love×2” 【愛 means Love】
Call them “LoveLove” Doesn’t it sound good? (self-praise)
Or…”Megu ri Ai” 【Meguriai means ‘meeting with long-separated beloved one’ or ‘meeting with the one having been seeking’ 】
Ah…this sounds like enka. lol 【enka is a Japanese traditional love-ballads】
Fukei-sans, Please cherish Aiko and Megu’s growth with Moa.

Credit to Onji Kobe-san for the translation~ Source: Babymetal 重音部