POP! Rocks: Babymetal Pop! dolls by Funko

Pop! Rocks now includes pop metal from Japan!

The incredibly popular Babymetal trio – comprised of Su-metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal – mixes elements of heavy metal with pop sensibilities!

Don’t be fooled by their sweet appearance!

Funko really puts the fun in gift buying and giving! Whatever the occasion that drives you, these vinyl figures, bobble heads, and plush will be a big hit with everyone lucky enough to receive one… even if that everyone is you!


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Funko – Makers of Pop! Vinyl and pop-culture licensed toys.

BABYMETAL – Professional Moa fix Yui ear monitor

Babymetal-ish Moa-chan with English subtitles

Translation of a YT by Atarashi Ichirou-san.


Babymetal fan vs Metal Elitist with English subtitles

You will have to watch it to understand (?) it. No explanations will help. Translation of this fascinating YT.

Gesture game with Sakura Gakuin

Gesture game with Sakura Gakuin with English subtitles

Guaranteed to keep you smiling all week.

The answer for Nene’s charade was “Cheer girl”
For Moa at 2 minutes is: “Mikan” or tangerine.
Thank you to BM SG-san.

Billy’s Boot camp: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy’s_Bootcamp

Nattō http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natt%C5%8D



Is BABYMETAL cute? Yeah, of course. Are they metal? Absolutely.

I don’t think enough people get to see just how viciously, brutally metal BABYMETAL can get. So check “asher’s Scholarly List of BABYMETAL’s Most Metal Moments” to get a good idea! ;D Feel free to yell at me for not including your favorite; this video would be 40 minutes long if I tried to list EVERY metal moment 😡

Thank asher for the video, here his video channel


BABYMETAL WIN Metal Hammer Heavy Metal World Cup

Our beloved kawaii metaller have won the Metal Hammer Heavy Metal World Cup and the reactions are just funny!

Those funny guy have post this reaction video!