BABYMETAL’s video Message to Canada


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May 9th|Circo Volador|Mexico City, Mexico
May 12th|Danforth Music Hall|Toronto, Canada
May 14th|House of Blues|Chicago, USA
May 16th|Rock of the Range|Colombus, USA
May 29th|ROCKAVARIA|Munich, Germany
May 30th|DER RING – Grüne Hölle Rock|Nürburg, Germany
June 1st|La Laiterie|Strasbourg, France
June 3rd|X-TRA|Zurich, Switzerland
June 5th|Estragon Club|Bologna, Italy
June 6th|ROCK IN VIENNA|Vienna, Austria
June 21st|MAKUHARI MESSE|Chiba, Japan


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Der Ring – Grüne Hölle Rock change venue

DER RING – Grüne Hölle Rock has announced a change in venue, from Nürburg to the Veltin Arena!


Thus, BabyMetal will be performing at a different venue! Rest assured that the date will still remain the same, on the 30th of May 2015!

For More Details About the Changes:

BabyMetal’s Message to DER RING!


For More Information Visit:

BABYMETAL announce World Tour 2015!

Exciting news! World tour 2015. These are the dates announced so far, it is not known as of yet if there will be any more dates. Contact local venues for ticket information.


【Date】 May-09, 2015 (Sat)
【Venue】 Circo Volador
【City, Country】 Mexico City, Mexico
【General Sales】 Feb-14
【Ticket Link】TBA

【Date】 May-12, 2015 (Tue)
【Venue】 Danforth Music Hall
【City, Country】 Toronto, Canada
【General Sales】 Feb-13
【Ticket Link】

【Date】 May-14, 2015 (Thu)
【Venue】 House of Blues
【City, Country】 Chicago, USA
【General Sales】 Feb-13
【Ticket Link】

【Date】 May-16, 2015 (Sat)
【Festival】 Rock on the Range Festival
【Venue】 Crew Stadium
【City, Country】 Columbus, USA
【General Sales】 ON SALE NOW!
【Ticket Link】

【Date】May 29 – 31, 2015(※Performance date TBA)
【Festival】 DER RING – Grüne Hölle Rock
【Venue】 Nürburgring
【City, Country】 Nürburg, Germany
【General Sales】 ON SALE NOW!
【Ticket Link】 

【Date】May 29 – 31, 2015(※Performance date TBA)
【Venue】 Olympiapark München
【City, Country】 Munich, Germany
【General Sales】 ON SALE NOW!
【Ticket Link】

【Date】June 04 – 06, 2015(※Performance date TBA)
【Venue】 Donauinsel Wien
【City, Country】 Vienna, Austria
【General Sales】 ON SALE NOW!
【Ticket Link】 

【Date】June 21, 2015
【Venue】 Makuhari Messe
【City, Country】 Chiba Japan
【General Sales】 TBA

BABYMETAL are back to their Japan homeland

BABYMETAL and Kami band member has just post this picture and comment on BABYMETAL official instagram account.

We got back to Japan! Thank you for supporting “METAL RESISTANCE EPISODE Ⅱ” world tour 2014!
See U in “METAL RESISTANCE EPISODE Ⅲ”2015! Wherever we are,we are “THE ONE”! #BABYMETAL #NYC #London #UK

MOAMETAL explain the delay on stage during Sonisphere Festival

Monsterpanda from BABYMETAL on Reddit has just post this Moa’s diary translation from Sakura Gakuin Diary of Moa on 7/24/2014.

Good MorningNight. This is Moa. This year was the first time Moa could not be with her family, during my birthday. Instead I became 15 in Europe, and I was able to celebrate a special birthday!
Every time, on the days I go on stage or when I am away from my family traveling overseas, mama always says “Be careful, No matter what happens come back alive!!!”. I feel like she may be over exaggerating… but Moa, for the longest time, due to good or bad luck has been involved in strange accidents, that getting hurt is something that happens often. (sweat)


When I was a child I was in the hospital for pneumonia, I fell between the space between the bed and the wall backwards. I got my hand stuck in an automatic door and caused a commotion… I know I told this before, but during home ec I cut off the skin in my left index finger along the 2nd joint. During the earthquake, the water from the fish tank -that class all took care of- splashed on me, and I got all sticky… In the playground balls come flying towards Moa, causing bruises. Really, a lot of things happen around me. So I understand why my mama is worried, so taking her kind thoughts and feelings, I reply “Yes, No matter what I will come home alive.”

The first stop in the European tour was France!!! It was YUIMETALS Seitansai. The fans were fired up from the beginning!! During the encore, everyone sang “Happy Birthday” and celebrated. I know it wasn’t for me but I was so happy, tears came running down.

Next came Germany!!! We did my, MOAMETAL’s Seitansai. The impression I got in Germany was there were a lot of metaller’s. Are they scary?… is what I was thinking, but they were very warm and kind (heart). Every time a song ended there was a loud applause, I felt it the warmth in my heart. I was so happy.

We left the fortunate Germany, and went to England. We went to famous Sonisphere to perform. Here I ran into the issue where I could not hear from my ear monitor (sweat). At first we were waiting in our position in standby, calming myself and waiting to start, but I heard nothing. Listening carefully, I noticed I can hear the drums right behind me, barely.


Huh? Oh am I in trouble?! Is my ear monitor broken?!! ran trough my mind and I thought about going off stage to get it fixed, but I can feel SU-METAL and YUIMETAL moving. So I thought I’ll just have to move with what faint drumming I can hear, so I quickly assessed what was going on and somehow managed to move. Since we could not do a sound check being at a foreign festival, I heard this kind of stuff happens. The staff noticed what was going on with Moa and quickly addressed the issue, and I was saved. I was so relived when I heard sound coming in through the ear monitor. Thank You! I have been able to participate in many festivals, I felt everything I learned has been useful. And I will never forget the enormous view from the stage!!

Lastly, the Headliner in London!! I heard there was going to be a live streaming to Japan, with fans cheering us on in Japan, was very encouraging! Everyone was so hyped during the show, I felt everyone is enjoying BABYMETAL! I wanted to reply back to that feeling, by giving all of MOAMETAL’s to show. But there was something that happened to MOAMETAL in London. I stepped on something and and lost my footing (sweat) We don’t know what is going to happen, so we have to prepared for anything, is what I took to heart and learned from during the shows this time around!!

One year ago, right after a BABYMETAL show, we were so tired we had to rest for a while. This time all 3 of us were not tired. We were so full of energy that we had to careful not to cause trouble with KOBAMETAL and the Kami band members. (LOL)

Lastly thank you for the European Tour!! and pray for me that no “happenings” will happen in America.


Yui Mizuno new blog entry about her trip in Europe

Yui Mizuno (YuiMetal) has just post this new entry on the Sakura Gakuin official blog.

As you can see their is a lot of picture from her travel in Europe! Talking about YuiMetal, do you know that our fierce kawaii metaller is never away from your QWERTY keyboard!?? 🙂

yuimetal qwerty keyboard

Here is the translation from Babymetal 重音部.

Yui here~
Today I’ll show you the photo at Europe~

Everyday was very satisfying day,
It was past in the blink of an eye,
But I have a very very wonderful experience~

Once again,
When I singing “Headbanger!!” during my birthday,
My heart was beating so fast (laughs)
In the interval of live,
We went to relax in the large park,
And eat something delicious …

To make use of what I’ve learned in Europe,
Today will fire up and do my best~

– Moo

yuimetal blog entry

BABYMETAL a un message pour tout les français!

Le groupe Kawaii Metal BABYMETAL a tweeté cette image et ce message à tout leurs fans français afin de les inviter à leur premier concert en France.

Babymetal | La Cigale Paris le 1 juil. 2014


MoaMetal doing a rant about umbrellas on her latest blog entry

Sakura Gakuin さくら学院 has release this nice english translation from the last MoaMetal (Moa Kikuchi) blog entry.