BABYMETAL Tribute Band To Perfrom At TIF 2016 Hiroshima

A BABYMETAL tribute band and also Suzuka Nakamoto’s juniors (students from Actors School Hiroshima), Mie feat.プチプチ☆ will perform at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2016 LOVES ❤ HIROSHIMA along with other groups from Actors School Hiroshima. The event will be held on May 4 and 5, 2016. The band members are, Misaki Takumyo (vocal/from class C), Ruri Hiromoto (dance/scream/from class B), Wako Kajita (dance/scream/from class A), Sayaka Kanaya (dance/scream/from class A), Yuno Yamamoto (dance/scream/from class A).

The band previously known as Puchipuchi (puchi/petit size diva), had been active for about 2 years, but with the inclusion of Misaki-chan 6 months ago, into the unit and change of costumes, (their mothers’ idea), it became Mie feat.プチプチ☆ (Mie feat. Puchipuchi) . The band is a tribute to everyone’s well respected ASH alumni, Suzuka Nakamoto and of course BABYMETAL! Their performance with powerful vocals and sharp dancing is going to grab everyone’s attention.

TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL (TIF) is the largest Idol event in the world, and has been going on for 7 years. Many popular Idols made their appearance in TIF every year and has become a summer tradition in Odaiba, Japan. In the past, the event was held for 2 days, but now it’s going to be extended to a 3 day event. This is an event where you can experience gorgeous, enthusiastic and euphoric 3 days of fantasia!

TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2016 LOVES ❤ HIROSHIMA is an official spin-off event of TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL. The show will also become the first public audition for an Idol school which produced many artists such as Perfume, Actors School Hiroshima’s student’s chance for a record deal, and a qualification event for Idols from western area of Japan to appear in “TIF2016 Special Stage”.  Furthermore, there will be special appearances by line up artists from TIF2016 in the Guest Stage. Get ready for 3 days full of Idol craziness!

Check out Mie feat.プチプチ☆’s performance at ASH 2016 Spring Act(Video):

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