New BABYMETAL DVD’s in septembre?

Tsutaya, a nationwide chain of video rental shops and bookstores run by Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd. just add an info about a new BABYMETAL DVD?

Their is no detail, only that the de DVD will be in store on september 16 2015. Right now their is a lot of speculation on social network, but no one really know what is this DVD … All we know so far is that the catalogue number is PPTF 8088


BABYMETAL confirmed at Ozzfest Japan 2015?

Their is some rumor about BABYMETAl playing at the OZZFEST Japan, and well, we have find a hint that may confirmed the rumor are right!

Well the photo above is comming right from the official Ozzfest Japan website.


Ozzfest Japan 2015

11/21/2015 (sat) – 11/22/2015 (sun)
DOORS: 10:00am / START 12:00pm

Wristband exchange: 8:00AM

Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 9-11
2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-city, 261-0023 Japan

Uk tour September ??

Rumor of BABYMETAL Uk tour September has juste popping up on Twitter!

The well known HuffPost blogger Colin McQuistan just tweet this today!

BABYMETAL concert in Mexico update including a leaked date!

I just chat with Babymetal en Español manager and he provide me this article about the BABYMETAL concert in Mexico rumor!

Yesterday night, Dilemma concerts Facebook page uploaded a new cover photo in which they announced, among other events, a concert date for Babymetal in Mexico DF on may 9.

That company has been mentioning the possibility for the concert since months ago. As expected, the cover photo with the date was shared quickly between mexican fans that have been following the page since time ago, but some minutes latter the photo was deleted and replaced with a new one, but without the Babymetal date.

The new cover photo received a lot of comments asking what was happening, which the page replied with comments like:
“Soon the details, trumpeted ”
“We’ll announce on february 9”
“We’re sorry, we can’t announce it yet, until february 9”
-Yes, may 9, but we can’t announce yet

So the rumor is: BABYMETAL in concert on May 9 at Circo Volador, México City

Rumor: BABYMETAL concert in Mexico?

Right now their is a big rumor about a BM concert in Mexico.

The rumor come from the spanish fans site, which is down for unknown reason.

You can also see this rumor on their Facebook page Babymetal en Español. Luckily, ajisthegreat from BABYMETAL on Reddit have done some screenshot before the site went down.