SU-METAL’s Grandfather Interviewed By Weekly Shincho

In the latest issue, Weekly Shincho magazine interviewed Suzuka Nakamoto’s grandfather, and the conversation shed some light and finally confirmed the rumor about her father. Check out our English translation below:

BABYMETAL, the Kawaii Metal band who has completely charmed Yuzo Kayama
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BABYMETAL is a group that consists of Suzuka Nakamoto (SU-METAL), Yui Mizuno (YUIMETAL), and Moa Kikuchi (MOAMETAL). They combine dancing and screaming with loud Heavy Metal music. They have made a huge international breakthrough and even performed as the opening act at Lady Gaga’s Tour. This year they are in their 3rd World Tour. The lead vocalist, Suzuka Nakamoto (18), was born in Hiroshima. Her father is working in a construction related business. Her grandfather (74) welcomed us during our visit to the family’s home.

“Well, I never thought that my grand daughter would come this far. I used to have a coffee shop, and my grand daughters would come to have meals and sing there.”

According to her grandfather, Suzuka is the youngest of the three sisters, with the second sister, Himeka (20) a member of an Idol group, produced by Yasushi Akimoto, called Nogizaka46.

“When Suzuka was still wearing diapers, she was already a model for a company called mikihouse ( and appeared in a Bandai commercial. When she was in kindergarten, she became a model for a school bag product at a local supermarket. And during elementary school years, Suzuka and Himeka enrolled for singing and dancing lessons in an actors school run by a local TV station (Translator’s note: Actors School Hiroshima (ASH) is located inside the Shin Hiroshima TV building).”

“Genius displays itself even in childhood.”

In 2008, Suzuka was scouted by a big entertainment agency, and made a debut as an Idol unit called Karen Girl’s, and later she became a member of Sakura Gakuin. When her sister Himeka joined Nogizaka46, they moved to Tokyo together and began their activities there. Her manager formed BABYMETAL because he happened to love Heavy Metal, but it was fitting for her because love for Rock was in her blood.

“I will conquer the world.”

“Suzuka’s father used to be in a band during his high school years, he was scouted and went to Tokyo to become a professional. His band was called the “Hooligans”, and was active for about 10 years. He also made an appearance in a movie. However, I had a heart attack and collapsed, and he returned to Hiroshima after his older brother convinced him. Then he started to work in a construction business. That’s when my grand daughters were born.”

The house is originally a musician’s home, they had a guitar in their father’s room and were also familiar with a synthesizer.

SU-METAL’s Grandfather Interviewed By Weekly Shincho

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“Suzuka’s parents did not recommended her to become a singer, it’s just that everyone in our family loves to sing. Suzuka is a type of determined child who once has decided to something, she won’t stop until she does. It’s the same when she decided to do Heavy Metal, although we never talked about the global expansion before, she said that she will conquer the world.”

Although grandfather seems to talk happily, he also looks a bit lonely because his grand daughter is far from home town.

“I could go to see their proud moment if they perform in Tokyo, but lately they only have been performing overseas. Their US Tour began in May, and it appears that on June they will go to Germany and France.”

Their performance in Tokyo will be at the Tokyo Dome in September, so her grandfather is really looking forward to this one, with a bright smile on his face.

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