PANDA Wind Orchestra play BABYMETAL (video)

Here is a short clip of PANDA Wind Orchestra (ぱんだウインドオーケストラ「イジメ、ダメ、ゼッタイ) playing Ijime, Dame, Zettai.

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Panda Wind Orchestra has been created on 2011 by Tokyo National University of Arts students finally will release their Major debut Album via Nippon Columbia lable.

PANDA WIND ORCHESTRA covers lots of popular songs taken from various genre such as “Dragon Night” (Sekai no Owari), “Himawari no Yakusoku” (theme song for the “Doraemon” movie),” and “Senbonzakura.”

Panda Wind Orchestra – Pandastic !! – Newest Standard tracklist:
01-Ijime, Dame, Zettai – BABYMETAL
02-Suta Uozu – John Williams
03-Dream Solister (True/Opening song of: “Hibike! Yuchubufoniamu”
04-Hashire! – Momoiro Clover
05-Dragon Night – Sekai No Owari
06-Himawari No Yakusoku – Motohiro Hata
07-Amachan – Opening song of “Otomo Yoshihide”
08-Senbon Sakura – Kurousa P
09-Nippon – Ringo Shiina
10-Pandastic!! – Panda Wind Orchestra

Cuca is back with kawaii vengeance!

Our favorite Youtube girl, Cuca, is back with a great vocal and dance cover version of the bABYMETAL song «4 no uta».

cuca 4nouta

lose translation of her official blog :

First when inquiring about this song,
“Such cute song, you can sing lovely, or it is,…” the tsu te you think, the ^^
Having the index finger before the face, because the inclination which it does, you use the toe well,
At this dance after ending, the toe becomes the gaatsu tsu te, (laughing)
“It is good and the yo -” “the tsu elaborating yo” “when the tsu plain gauze -” “it is tasty -”, it is dense the suki ^^

BABYMETAL – Ijime, dame, zettai!: cover Español By Piyoasdf

Her is a prettu amazin spanish BABYMETAL cover for the song Ijime, dame, zettai by YouTube member Piyoasdf.


Here what we can find on her YT profile
Hi! I am Piyo and I welcome you to my Youtube channel, here you will find everything from covers of J-music and Kpop until cold porcelain tutorials, speed paintings and live, why? Because I love to do everything I like! And I want you to catch you will be excited to also achieve your ideas and goals! Subscribe to infect you! (ᅌ ᴗ ᅌ) ❤

Babymetal – Akatsuki Flute Cover

Léo Poirier play flute like a boss!

Here’s my second babymetal’s flute cover, ‘hope you guys’ll enjoy it 🙂
Again, sorry for the mistakes, but i’m not as talented as kami band, for the solo ^.^
For the next cover, i think i’ll go on something different that babymetal, i don’t know what yet, but i’ll find.
Don’t worry, i keep working on my babymetal’s cover, and the next will be upload for chirstmas, i think 😉

Here he is doing a Ijime Dame Zettai flute cover and he play it like a boss!!