PANDA Wind Orchestra play BABYMETAL (video)

Here is a short clip of PANDA Wind Orchestra (ぱんだウインドオーケストラ「イジメ、ダメ、ゼッタイ) playing Ijime, Dame, Zettai.

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Panda Wind Orchestra has been created on 2011 by Tokyo National University of Arts students finally will release their Major debut Album via Nippon Columbia lable.

PANDA WIND ORCHESTRA covers lots of popular songs taken from various genre such as “Dragon Night” (Sekai no Owari), “Himawari no Yakusoku” (theme song for the “Doraemon” movie),” and “Senbonzakura.”

Panda Wind Orchestra – Pandastic !! – Newest Standard tracklist:
01-Ijime, Dame, Zettai – BABYMETAL
02-Suta Uozu – John Williams
03-Dream Solister (True/Opening song of: “Hibike! Yuchubufoniamu”
04-Hashire! – Momoiro Clover
05-Dragon Night – Sekai No Owari
06-Himawari No Yakusoku – Motohiro Hata
07-Amachan – Opening song of “Otomo Yoshihide”
08-Senbon Sakura – Kurousa P
09-Nippon – Ringo Shiina
10-Pandastic!! – Panda Wind Orchestra

Cuca is back with kawaii vengeance!

Our favorite Youtube girl, Cuca, is back with a great vocal and dance cover version of the bABYMETAL song «4 no uta».

cuca 4nouta

lose translation of her official blog :

First when inquiring about this song,
“Such cute song, you can sing lovely, or it is,…” the tsu te you think, the ^^
Having the index finger before the face, because the inclination which it does, you use the toe well,
At this dance after ending, the toe becomes the gaatsu tsu te, (laughing)
“It is good and the yo -” “the tsu elaborating yo” “when the tsu plain gauze -” “it is tasty -”, it is dense the suki ^^

Babymetal – Akatsuki Flute Cover

Léo Poirier play flute like a boss!

Here’s my second babymetal’s flute cover, ‘hope you guys’ll enjoy it 🙂
Again, sorry for the mistakes, but i’m not as talented as kami band, for the solo ^.^
For the next cover, i think i’ll go on something different that babymetal, i don’t know what yet, but i’ll find.
Don’t worry, i keep working on my babymetal’s cover, and the next will be upload for chirstmas, i think 😉

Here he is doing a Ijime Dame Zettai flute cover and he play it like a boss!!

Doki Doki Morning: a brutal deathcore cover from Mitch Howie

Mitch Howie, the signer from the deathcore band The Dialectic, is doing a very brutal cover version of BABYMETAL – Doki Doki * Morning.

You can visit his band page and buy their album We Are Obscurity here:

Some new BABYMETAL videos

Well searching for some news stuff about BM ive find some cool BABYMETAL videos that i share here with you !

Sakura Gakuin shuffle units
Marina-METAL, Airi-METAL and Ayaka-METAL doing Doki Doki Morning

This one is pretty rare.. [TV report]BABYMETAL free [email protected] DiverCity (2013.06.23)



Tokyo Idol Festival 2010-2012 BABYMETAL doing Doki Doki Morning, complete 30 minute show broadcast.


BABYMETAL – ギミチョコ!!Gimme Chocolate!! 踊ってみた[Kandy Cos Dance Cover]

Another Megitsune Vocal Cover

Moa & Yui as angels advertising Japanese Broadband

BABYMETAL- Megitsune – Deathcore cover by MItch Howie from The Dialectic

Here is a pretty intense death metal/Deathcore version of BABYMETAL – Megitsune by MItch Howie.

This cover is a must for all BABYMETAL-outhere and probably one of the best to date. MItch Howie is the signer of the band The Dialectic

Is you want to know more about The Dialectic, here is their video “March of Leviathan”. Not my cup of tea but deathcore and more heavier metal fan sould give them a try!

BABYMETAL in the news part 9

Here is my weekly news tour about BABYMETAL, where i collect news, histories and videos in and around the web for you!

BABYMETAL is taking the world by storm right now and a lots of websites and mainstream medias are talking about our kawaii metalers! The purpose of the section is to concentrated all the news in a single BABYMETAL place.

This guy explain why he like BABYMETAL and nail it!

YuiMewtal is doing the most adorable and perfect kawaii move ever here!


BABYMETAL – Megitsune – DVD Commentary has just been uploaded

Huff Post

Babymetal are not manufactured
They are precision engineered. If western pop is expertly produced but ultimately soulless tat, Babymetal are a cross between a Ferrari and a black panther; the whole project has been very carefully thought out and every component, from the musicians, choreography, costumes, song writing, has been crafted to perfection. As a die hard metal fan, I am impressed.

The Best Worst Band in the World Are Playing the UK – Lord Have Mercy


Death metal music is not cute. It is not sweet. It is not made up of teenage girls in crinolines singing about chocolate. But then there’s Babymetal, a Japanese pop band that is on an adorable rampage to conquer the world.

Hard Rock, Pop Sweetness Combine in Teen Band Babymetal

A young drummer named ALEXEY is doing a cover of Headbanger by BabyMetal –

MU The Parthenon

In America, we have grown accustomed to what many consider corporately overproduced pop stars, but the control record companies have over American pop music does not compare to the influence of talent agencies in Japan. Japanese pop (J-pop) and metal trio BABYMETAL exemplifies the power of these agencies.

BABYMETAL highlights cultural differences

Oturan219, a canadian piano player, is doing a pretty nice Ijime, Dame, Zettai Piano Cover.