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BABYMETAL are Vogue Women of the Year 2015 (video)

BABYMETAL is the winner of Vogue Women of the Year 2015

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Underground IDOL Domination vol.1 : documentary about the new wave of metal and rock japanese IDOL

UNDERGROUND IDOL DOMINATION Vol1. with English and French subtitles

Japanese IDOL are supposed to be pure & innocent, but sometimes, they’re not. IDOL 2.0, i s the best documentary about unconventional and badass japanese IDOL!

00:01:10 GEKIDOL
00:08:17 Lyric-Holic
00:16:50 GusOdRoP
00:26:06 Screaming Sixties


Stargazer / Lyric-holic Kagekidan
Lyric-holic Kagekidan
Goshikanatibu / Lyric-holic Kagekidan
Lyric-holic Kagekidan
Meshi no Tane / Guso Drop
Guso Drop
Reikon Shometsu / NECRONOMIDOL

IDOL 2.0 :
JapanCorner :

BABYMETAL Fox God makeup tutorial

Enjoy Cosplay at BABYMETAL concerts? Here’s some instructions so you can show your inner Fox God! Thanks to YouTuber Callie!


BABYMETAL at the Golden Gods awards, and they win!

Congratulations to BABYMETAL on winning the Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2015 Breakthrough award and for a great performance of Gimme Chocolate and Road of Resistance with Dragonforce!

Updates at the end of the post

some picture at the Golden Gods

Can we all just stop for a second please #babymetal #goldengodsawards #metalhammer #metal

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The first DragonForce X BABYMETAL live at Metal Hammer Golden Gods!

This is incredible @babymetal_jpn x @dragonforcehq #GoldenGods

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Dragonforce with babymetal #downloadblues #downloadfestival #sunny #holiday #music #5daysaway #dragonforce #babymetal

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This ones for @worbzz, Babymetal x Dragonforce at the golden gods. #babymetal #dragonforce #goldengods

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BABYMETAL & DragonForce were bloody amazing at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods tonight!

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Baby Metal! I don't know what I am watching #babymetal

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Some performance with Dragonforce along with some acceptance speech.


Longer acceptance video with Scott Ian of Anthrax introducing the girls!

Clip of Road of Resistance with Dragonforce.

Update 1:

Update 2:

Sakura Gakuin intros part 1 and 2

Sakura Gakuin introductions part 1 with English subtitles

BABYMETAL – Professional Moa fix Yui ear monitor

Babymetal-ish Moa-chan with English subtitles

Translation of a YT by Atarashi Ichirou-san.

Babymetal fan vs Metal Elitist with English subtitles

You will have to watch it to understand (?) it. No explanations will help. Translation of this fascinating YT.

Nendo Test 2014 with English Subs!

Sakura Gakuin – Nendo Test 2014 (English Subtitles)

Producer Talks About BABYMETAL

BABYMETAL producer explains how they created BABYMETAL and why people love’em.

As you know, this is a pretty funny joke! here is the real story of the video: Like what happened with the famous Hitler scene from “Downfall”, people are making videos with subtitles using this “interview” aired on Jesus Quintero’s show, “Ratones Coloraos”.

The interviewee is Juan Joya, commonly known as “Risitas” or “El Risitas”, literally meaning “little laughs” or “giggles”, due to the way he laughs during his jokes and stories. He became very known in Spain.

The original interview: Risitas – Las Paelleras (Original video with English Subtitles)

Gesture game with Sakura Gakuin

Gesture game with Sakura Gakuin with English subtitles

Guaranteed to keep you smiling all week.

The answer for Nene’s charade was “Cheer girl”
For Moa at 2 minutes is: “Mikan” or tangerine.
Thank you to BM SG-san.

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