Death Rabbits: a new idols group playing Japanese Death Pop

Death Rabbits brand of metal is described as Japanese Death Pop.

From the darkness has been born the cutest Idol Metal group Death Rabbits. Death Rabbits is a special mix as whatever experience and weaknesses the Idols have at this stage is covered by having a respected musician of the Heavy Metal genre Akira Death providing the vocal punch and the swat team costumed Heavy Metal assault this unit needs.


Death Rabbits to my knowledge is only group to feature their producer as a member of the group. Akira Death provides the group that features Yuzu [12], Emi [11] and Karin [13] that metal edge that the girls lack.

There is times however when his abilities overpowers the more softer Idols and other times when the girls take center. Overall it`s hard to overlook the girls moe charm. Death Rabbits are still a few years away from hitting break point and getting to the next level, however they continue to make steady growth and are on their way to become a top metal idols band i a near future.

Death Rabbits have juste released their first cd on CDJapan!

Dai Ichiji Usagi Taisen / Death Rabbits
Death Rabbits

Source: Pure Idol Heart

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  • RageHard84

    Cette groupe a une style interessant. J’aime Death Rabbits plus de LadyBaby.

  • Marc Aguilar

    I see a lot of people calling this a babymetal ripoff and I while i understand the reaction I don’t the issue with this by any means. If something sounds good and people like it then of course people will try to emulate it. With that said however デスラビッツ『デスラビッツ軍の七ケ条』 is just a well great written song. And besides I am fairly confident that a lot of doujin groups messed around with idol pop metal before babymetal but if i am wrong whatever.

    • Marc Aguilar

      Actually you know what? Screw the lot of you I have heard like 7 songs now and this group is great.

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