BABYMETAL’s big kick off at The SSE Arena promised to be special, while the stage did not seem to be much at first glance, there was also a nice runner leading to a dance stage… all carefully lined with smoke, torches, flame heads and CO2 jets by ForceFX.

Low Smoke

ForceFX had low smoke going across 3 levels of stage, which was in full effect for The One.

ForceFX Wembley Spotlight

ForceFX CO2 Jets

ForceFX’s specialty, their branded CO2 Jets create rapid plumes of white vapor which disappear quickly.

ForceFX Wembley Spotlight

Bespoke Constant Burning Flame Torches

While these are common placements in even smaller venues, these smaller torches create a nice ambience of flame.

ForceFX Wembley Spotlight

ForceFX Wembley Spotlight

Liquid Flames

Always a crowd-pleaser, ForceFX placed a total of 38 flame heads around the stage. Here the big liquid flame heads are blasting in full effect during Su-metal’s performance of Akatsuki.

ForceFX Wembley Spotlight

GJ! ForceFX



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