Gravure The Television: Sakura Gakuin starts “Carta” Web Program

Gravure The Television article about the new Sakura Gakuin project, "Carta" Web Programs on Chuun. The project will feature 12 online episodes with Sakura Gakuin 2016 students lead by Mitsuru Kuramoto, details below. 


Sakura Gakuin students create Carta under the guide of Mitsuru Kuramoto

Sakura Gakuin released a mini program in the internet video distribution service company "Chuun" operated by Chunkyo Television. From January 13 as part of "Season 1" students of Sakura Gakuin will chase to create original "Sakura Gakuin Carta". Are scheduled 12 programs in total. 


The project called "Classes Of Sakrua Gakuin Carta" started conducted as open classes during the fall of 2016 gaining popularity. Under the guidance of Sakura Gakuin's Principal Mitsuru Kuramoto, students draw 50 sounds by lottery to create carta which must start with the initial of the sound of the lottery. 


Sakura Gakuin mini program is available to watch on Chuun via Smartphone, it's necessary to download the special app. Also is available for PC.




Article by: Gravure The Television.

Watch the first Episode, click here.