Himetan’s blog 2017 May 8

Himetan’s blog 

2017 May 8

I went to New York with my mother and younger sister!

I am fond of indoor life and so I have absolutely zero interest in traveling in my mother kind of forced me to go on this trip. 

She said we should do this at it will be a good change of pace during these days off, but in the end we came back earlier than planned. 

We went shopping, saw some musicals, did some sightseeing and all the usual things, but the most enjoyable thing of all was to watch amateur night at the Apollo Theater!!

These are performances by people who genuinely love singing and performing and so the atmosphere of the venue was, was….totally different from anything in Japan. It was all so new and fresh. 

What I had always thought was the entirety of the world was made to seem still rather small in scale.

For example, I felt that things that I had a kind of hang up about myself I felt could be thought of as being charming and attractive at a place like this. 

I began to think that even if one doesn’t understand the words being spoken, that if you try to convey yourself and listen to what the other is trying to say that somehow things will work out. 

A smiling face is something that is universally communicated. 

It is like, a baby is cute regardless of national boundaries.