History of BABYMETAL: translation of the video from the Limited Release BUDOKAN set

This is a text interpretation of the video. I hope I got most of the meaning across without bias. This is to help out people get a feeling of what was said in the History of BABYMETAL video History of BABYMETAL

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With the newly delivered apocalypse in hand, Looking back at the Legend recorded in the apocalypse, BABYMETAL will speak of the Past, Present & Future.

[06:51] The legend of the apocalypse has been released into this world by Kitsune-Sama.
With the newly delivered apocalypse in hand, Looking back at the Legend recorded in the apocalypse, BABYMETAL will speak of the Past, Present & Future.
Formation of BABYMETAL
[07:05] [SU-METAL] Growing up listening to Idol songs… and um… Ballads, it was a brand new genre… meaning something I have never heard before… so when I first heard it, my reaction was, ah, its this kind of music, surprised by it. To know I was going to be sing this type of song, my heart started beating with excitement.
[07:34] [MOAMETAL] What is Heavy Sound (Jyu-on)? Since it says “Heavy” “Sound” I thought it was going to be a Heavy Music, or if we were going to hold heavy objects and sing. But when I heard the song and saw the choreography, I was happy to be part of this new music.
[07:56] [YUIMETAL] I did not know what Metal was. Even the headbanging, I didn’t know why people were shaking their heads…

First Performance – Doki Doki Morning.
[08:08] [YUIMETAL] There is a point where the audience started worrying… and you can hear the crowd murmuring. Then during the “RIN RIN RIN” and the three of us got up, you can see the relief in the audience faces. We felt like we pulled off a prank.
[08:38] [YUIMETAL] When we fell everyone was surprised. Then they started to laugh. (big smile from Yui). Then being laughed at got us excited and made my hearts race.
[08:53] [SU-METAL] First time we danced, the audience, um, just laughed. When I saw that, um… I noticed there was me being happy. I was surprised at myself for feeling happy, being laughed at. It was the first time I saw a different side of me that I appeared during a live performance.

History of BABYMETAL

Ijime Dame Zettai
[09:20] [SU-METAL] This is the song we built (perfecting) performing live.
[09:28] [YUIMETAL] Instead of Bullying, I feel like I am fighting myself. Imaging fighting myself, I began to understand the Ijime lyrics more.
[09:42] [MOAMETAL] When we first we performed at Animefest, I had trouble just keeping up with the choreography, so how do I say this… I enjoyed it with the audience, and I always give it my all in the performance, but when I see (the old) videos, I think it is different then how it is now.
[09:20] [SU-METAL] This is the song that will keep on evolving each time we perform this song.
First One Man Live. Impression of the Corset Festival (note: 2012 7/21 performed at the Japan’s legendary Metal Club. )
[10:25] [MOAMETAL] It was hot. It was the first time we were at Rock-May-Kan, when you enter, you see all these memorabilia and autographs of people who performed here…for the metal scene it is like a gateway to success (to-ryu-mon – trial of hardship to success)
[10:52] [YUIMETAL] Everyone in the audience was wearing the corset… I thought they must be be uncomfortable and suffering, I was worried… and, the audience was fired up.. venue was very hot. I thought I was going to collapse… I gave it my all during the performance so the felt a sense of accomplishment at the end.
[11:23] [SU-METAL] This was the time where we lost the memory. This was the time the god (Kami) descended. From here on we keep on saying god descend… but this was the first time we felt this.
Legend I (note: 2012 10/6)
[11:35] [SU-METAL] This was the first time I got to perform with the band (band-sama). During the rehearsal I even thought is this the same song? it was awesome and it was the first time I was listening to a band. I never had the opportunity to go listen to a live band… so it was uncharted territory for me… and that is where I found myself singing… as a bands vocalist… um that image… I gained confidence in my song.
[12:17] [MOAMETAL] I started paying attention note by note


first appearance of BLACK METAL
[12:28] [YUIMETAL] BLACK BABY METAL wears a hoodie and raps… so I think you get a different MOAMETAL and YUIMETAL from BABYMETAL. I remember the hat and the choreography being hard. During the chorus.. um… it was the first time performing… but the audience sang along with us, which surprised me.
[13:06] [MOAMETAL] During the rehearsal I was tired. But during the live performance, it felt like short… and despite how tired I was during rehearsal, I wanted to perform right away, again.
Legend D (note 2012 10/6)
[13:25] [YUIMETAL] Being able to perform on stage, the “Karen Girls” song, who I idolized, made me happy… and YUIMETAL loves to dance… so dancing to Headbanger dance version also made me happy and lastly being able to sing “Tsubasa wo kudasai”. YUIMETAL loves to sing in a chorus… It was Su-Metals Holy Birthday.. but it was a performance filled with so-many things YUIMETAL likes… It made me happy it was filled with so many things I like to do.
[14:06] [MOAMETAL] Um.. there was a lot of new things we challenged ourselves. During the Headbanger song… the dance… we danced with sisters… and we sang, songs that were not ours.. there were a lot of new challenges… I thought… and during the first encore song “Tsubasa wo kudasai”…. the audience was… into it… they were celebrating SU-METALS holy birth and our sprits became one… and I was moved.. I almost cried at the end.
[14:52] [SU-METAL] First I was happy they celebrated my birthday… and… that… I was turning 15… and Headbanger is about a girl turning 15… I wanted to be beautiful, cute, like that girl, and made a strong determination to become like her. I felt as if I was saying good bye to my old self and changing into the new me, during the performance.
Legend Z (note 2013 2/1)
[15:34] [SU-METAL] This was the performance everyone thought was the last one for BABYMETAL. Before the encore, The Fans called out BABYMETAL.. and.. that was really… how do I… filled me with joy… and I thought.. I knew it was a rebirth, but as I danced I got sad… wearing that white costume.. when I appeared the crowd cheered wow… and we danced the BABYMETAL DEATH, with the meaning of the rebirth of BABYMETAL… that song is mainly dancing but….to us and to the fans it is an important presence… I felt… and from there… I felt like it was a brand new start for BABYMETAL
[16:44] [YUIMETAL] There were a lot of stage gimics.. how do I say it.. like sounds of bombs going off… and YUIMETAL did not do this but… where the stage goes zooms up. For the first time we had flames… how do I… there were a lot of stuff that made the audience go “wow”.
[17:12] [MOAMETAL] The dress during the encore… I get to discover a new self during BABYMETAL… but I got to meet a different self and got happy. and…thinking that… BABYMETAL was ending… the FANS.. thought that.. together… I mean… the FANS were even crying… I felt the love given to BABYMETAL. and getting the crowd excited for the performance made me happy.
May Revolution – The KAMI BAND performance (Note 2013 5/10~13)
[18:05] [SU-METAL] I was nervous… until the end… ummmm… will I be able to sing till the end? or there was a lot of… like I was going to lose out to the band (BAND-SAMA) sound… we only perfumed 2 songs… I had no idea how the crowd will react.. because of that performing DOKI DOKI MORNING and other song with a band had the brand new feel but… it was our first tour so we performed over and over… of course… there was a lot I learned from it.
[18:53] [MOAMETAL] I really had fun! and. (pause) Out of all the time… It was the first time I was not tired… I mean…the best moment where I was satisfied with the performance, was the last day of the May Revolution in Osaka… at that time… um… I felt like I did not perform.. um it felt like it I could keep on giving more.
[19:31] [YUIMETAL] BABYMETAL from the get go, goes all out till the end… but during the May Revolution we knew we would not have the psychical strength left, so for the first time we had to plan, that all three of us were going to nail these points of the song no matter what happens. So during the May Revolution we had the mosh-ishi and Headbanger, and I learned a lot that summer, but… on top of that I felt like I learned how carry on to the next performance.


Legend 1999 *(note 2013/ 06/30 YUIMETAL and MOAEMTAL Holy Birthday)
[20:20] [MOAMETAL]
When we celebrated SU-METAL’s birthday, we had all these people celebrating.. and to know it was our turn… thinking about it made my heart beat fast… and it was the first time I sang a solo. and.. for the first time fans who have not heard MOAMETAL sing, to have the BABYMETAL fans hear me sing made me happy.
[20:57] [YUIMETAL]
I used to go to the NHK hall previously for a TV show, so to think the venue was going to be filled with BABYMETAL fans, I felt joy that I have never felt before.
Fulfillment of the hearts desire, the SUMMER SONIC performance (note 2013/ 08/10~11)
[21:28] [SU-METAL]
I know that Summer Sonic is a important festival… and we knew we were performing… but what surprised us was that the previous year… in the Summer Sonic Tokyo we had the DJ booth, a very small stage in the food court… and then we said lets go see what the acts on the large stage are like… and we talked and enjoyed the show and went home. The distance from the stage was so far… it felt so far before the performance began… but as the performance started we got sucked in… and only when they shined the stage light to the crowd… I was surprised, feeling like huh? were we this far? We kept on saying won’t it be wonderful if we can perform on a stage this big one day… dreaming into a distant future… and to know that it was really happening… so when we were on stage, I kept on wondering is this the same stage as last year? So my hope was that I can give the same feeling of awe to artists performing at the smaller stage who come to see us, as well as the fans. I wanted them to feel close presence to us. I kept on thinking about that.
[23:12] [YUIMETAL]
In 2012 we were at SAMASONI (SUMMER SONIC), after we finished, we visited the large stage where we did not perform at… We said won’t it be wonderful if three of us can perform at a stage so large. It was like a dream for us… and to know this year I got to be on that stage and dance.. how do I say this… I felt that Kitsune-Sama’s revelation is fantastic. Also at Osaka it was really hot, all the SAMASONI… I mean performances, I always had no physical energy left… so I thought I was going to collapse as the SAMASONI, so MOAMETAl and I always had eye contact saying “Give it your best till the end.” passing energy to each other over and over. How do I say.. we did this a lot… and at the end of the show, I was doused with water for the first time… I felt like I was able to give it my best till the end, which made me happy. I know the audience was hot, so they must of been more exhausted.. from summer heat more then YUIMETAL. but the smile and enjoyment I saw in the audience made me happy.
[25:05] [MOAMETAL]
Before the audience was, how do I say.. overpowering? They were not into it, so it was our focus to try to get them excited. So during this summer festival, even playing away… we focused on BABYMETAL being BABYMETAl.. During the summer festival, being true to BABYMETAL was something I rediscovered.


DREAM of advancing overseas
[25:40] [MOAMETAL]
Overseas… BABYMETAL videos have been supported by fans overseas. Being able to meet fans who commented.. so when we do go, they always greet us at the airports. For all the times we could not visit, and for all the happiness they brought us, I would like to go more to give back what they gave us.
[26:19] [YUIMETAL]
How do I say… being able to do things I can not do in Japan and being able to see fans of BABYMETAL overseas, since I can not see you all the time, being able to see you in person.. and enjoying the performance a lot makes me happy. Every time I want to do more of it.
Legend 1997 (NOTE 2013 12/21. SU-METAL Holy Birth Festival)
[26:50] [SU-METAL]
It has been one year since the last birthday and a half year between our one-man show. There was a pretty sizable gap in between. But during that time but we learned a lot, got to perform a lot, and met a lot of people; I felt there was a lot of changes this year. Since it was 6 months since our last one-man show, I wanted the fans who came, to see all the changes we been through, the growth we had, all the hard work we put in, thing we experienced, to give it our all to show the results of this year and I hope to have a wonderful new 16th starting point.
[27:35] [YUIMETAL]
Since it is a big stage, how do I… I want the fans all the way to the end of venue to feel like they had fun… so all the endurance I built up, and those points where all three said we will nail no matter what… I worked hard during practice.. um, I want to celebrate SU-METAL’s birthday and make it the best live ever.
[28:11] [MOAMETAL]
All this time… how do I say… has been going so well. Letting us to perform on such a big stage (pause) for this day… All these people gathered for BABYMETAL and I look forward to being able to liven up the stage with everyone together.

black babymetal

Dream Stage BUDOKAN
[28:45] [SU-METAL]
I still can’t grasp that we are doing a one-man show at BUDOKAN. If you think to back to the formation of the group, it was a dream. It still feels like a dream. It was my personal dream to perform at BUDOKAN standing on stage and singing… so for that dream to come true, I am filled with joy. (sniff) I wan people to know BABYMETAL has come this far, as well as I feel like I have to work much much harder, even more then before. But the joy of fulfilling my dream is much bigger, I am looking forward to it.
[29:35] [YUIMETAL]
I never thought we would be at BUDOKAN. If you think about it, it is a dream with in a dream, so I can not imagine it. So in March BABYMETAL will take stage at BUDOKAN, thinking only BABYMETAL will perform… how do you say…. um… I think it is wonderful and… things I do not have now, power… things I can not do now, I want to be able to do at BUDOKAN.
[30:17] [MOAMETAL]
I don’t believe it. I never thought we would be at BUDOKAN. (long pause) Truthfully, two days… so I want to the audience to truly be into the performance, as well as worried if anyone will show up. Like I said earlier BABYMETAL has to be hold dear being true to BABYMETAL and go forward one by one.

Lastly on BABYMETAL in the future
[30:57] [MOAMETAL]
Lastly!? BABYMETAL (pause)
[31:08] [YUIMETAL]
(pause) um… what do you think will happen?
[31:18] [MOAMETAL]
make a fresh start
[31:25] [SU-METAL]
what do you think will happen? Only Kitsune-Sama knows.

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